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Boosting Rev Ops Efficiency

  • Tactics to enhance programmatic ad quality and attract premium advertisers
  • How to route user ad feedback directly to ad ops teams
  • Streamlining the direct sale asset management process

How Clickbait Impacts Publishers

  • How are clickbait ads getting on sites
  • What is the impact of clickbait ads on the user experience
  • How do publishers eliminate clickbait without harming revenue

Winning the Fight Against Clickbait Ad Scams

  • Top 10 Ad Scams In 2022/2023
  • How To Identify And Prevent Clickbait Creative
  • Tactics For User Experience Protection

Balancing In-App Ad Revenue With Ad Quality

  • Insight Into Top Ad Quality Challenges Impacting Monetization
  • Controls To Enforce Brand Suitable Advertising To Promote A Positive User Experience.
  • Features To Look For In An In App Ad Quality Partner

The State of Ad Quality 2021

  • The State Of Advertising In 2021
  • How To Ensure Brand-Suitable Advertising
  • How Publishers Are Increasing Control Ad Quality And Transparency

Rewarded Video Ads

  • Publisher Benefits: Why Use Rewarded Video Ads?
  • Challenges Of In-App Advertising
  • Rewarded Video Ads Best Practices

Balancing ad Quality and Revenue

  • How Ad Quality Impacts Audience Engagement
  • Strategies To Enforce Brand-Suitable Advertising
  • How Publishers Can Enhance User Experience

Fighting Cookie Sync Enabled Malvertising

  • The state of malvertising in digital advertising
  • Defend your site against cookie sync enabled malvertising

Combatting the Rising Trend of Targeted Ransomware

  • The State Of Ransomware In Digital Advertising
  • Defending Your Site Against Ransomware

Frost & Sullivan Names GeoEdge this Years Market Leader

  • Why GeoEdge’s innovate technology is a step ahead of criminals and competitors
  • Insight into GeoEdge’s customer-centric ad content management controls




Header Bidding 101: Optimization Made Easy

  • Types Of Malicious Activity Most Prevalent Through The Header
  • Features To Look For When Choosing An Ad Quality Partner

Outsmarting the Criminal: Ad Cloaking

  • Red Flags Indicating You’ve Been A Victim Of Cloaked Attacks
  • Strategies To Protect Ad Revenue And Maximize Security Over Creatives On Your Site

The Shocking Cost of Deceptive Advertising

  • An in-depth look on why now is the time to fight deceptive ads
  • Insight into the consequences of deceptive advertising

Revealing the Risks for Publishers Ahead of the 2020 Election

  • An In-Depth Look At The Latest Assault On Your User Experience
  • The Risks Associated With Clickbait Campaigns And Deceptive Advertising

How COVID Ads Are Infecting Your Site & Users

  • An in-depth look at the latest attacks on your users’ experience and safety
  • Insight into how scammers are leveraging the COVID-19 crisis to spread malvertising

How Rouge Ads Are Draining iPhone Batteries

  • An in depth look at how user experience is affected by CPU draining ads
  • Strategies to navigate new standards without losing revenue

Ad Quality Mistakes That Are Killing Your Revenue- Part 1

  • Make data-driven decisions on how quality assurance and security tools.
  • Best ways optimize performance and maximize your revenue.

Ad Quality Mistakes That Are Killing Your Revenue- Part 2

  • How to use ad quality and security tools to improve their business and revenue.
  • Ways to find the security and quality partners that can best meet business KPIs.

Offensive Ad Failures Your Business Shouldn’t Repeat

  • How prominent publishers have taken steps to protect their brands.
  • How low-quality ad content affects reputation and revenue streams

How to Boost Fill Rate & Take Out Competition

  • Offering tested strategies to improve fill rate
  • The most popular methods to deal with the challenge.

The Truth About Malware In Your Header Bidder

  • How and why malvertisers use WebRTC protocols to attack.
  • How to build the right security plan to fight these attacks.

Simple Guide to Mobile App Monetization

  • Why the mobile app channel is lucrative for mobile app publishers.
  • How publishers will need to avoid bad actors in the mobile ecosystem.

Identifying and Blocking Bad Ads

  • How publishers are affected by how ads are bought and delivered.
  • Why publishers are eliminating ad revenue in the programmatic era.

Publishers User Experience Guide

  • How to protect yourself against ad-hosted malware.
  • How to maximize control over the creatives on your site.

How To ‘See’ Your QA Blindspot

  • Insufficient QA, and what it means for publishers.
  • How automation can help lead the way to better, more efficient QA.

Publishers & Malware: Are You at Risk?

  • The growing risks of malware, and how publishers put users at risk.
  • How to defend your sites against these growing threats.

Optimizing Video Advertising [Made Easy]

  • How to fully evaluate the security of video advertising.
  • The factors affecting the video ad user experience today.

How Redirects Earn Scammers $210 Million Annually

  • The cost of auto-redirects for publishers and advertisers today.
  • Best practices for how to defend them.

How Bad UX Can Destroy Your Business

  • How to ensure that digital advertising doesn’t detract from user experience.
  • Regulatory compliance, and what it means for your Operations team.

Tips for Surviving a Malicious Attack: A Publishers Guide

  • The growing crisis of malicious advertising.
  • What to do when malicious ads hit, and how to fight back.

Top 5 Risks of Native Advertising

  • Native ads: managing both the benefits and the risks.
  • How and why bad actors insert malicious code into native ads.