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Ad Quality Report Q2 2023

  • GeoEdge’s Q2 Ad Quality Report investigates the prevalence and source of advertising attacks targeting global audiences. This report focuses on clickbait advertising that flowed through programmatic channels during Q2 of 2023.

Consumer Survey: Impact of Bad Ads on the Publishing Industry

  • How bad ads affect consumers perception of the sites/apps
  • Methods used by users to report/ communicate their negative ad experiences
  • Techniques for establishing feedback loops with audiences

Q1 Ad Quality Report 2023

  • GeoEdge’s Q1 Report investigates the prevalence and source of post-click clickbait attacks targeting mobile users in North America and the UK. The report focuses on misleading product offers and financial scam ads that flow through programmatic channels during Q1 of 2023

Boosting Rev Ops Efficiency

  • Tactics to enhance programmatic ad quality and attract premium advertisers
  • How to route user ad feedback directly to ad ops teams
  • Streamlining the direct sale asset management process

How Clickbait Impacts Publishers

  • How are clickbait ads getting on sites
  • What is the impact of clickbait ads on the user experience
  • How do publishers eliminate clickbait without harming revenue

Winning the Fight Against Clickbait Ad Scams

  • Top 10 Ad Scams In 2022/2023
  • How To Identify And Prevent Clickbait Creative
  • Tactics For User Experience Protection

Balancing In-App Ad Revenue With Ad Quality

  • Insight Into Top Ad Quality Challenges Impacting Monetization
  • Controls To Enforce Brand Suitable Advertising To Promote A Positive User Experience.
  • Features To Look For In An In App Ad Quality Partner

The State of Ad Quality 2021

  • The State Of Advertising In 2021
  • How To Ensure Brand-Suitable Advertising
  • How Publishers Are Increasing Control Ad Quality And Transparency

Rewarded Video Ads

  • Publisher Benefits: Why Use Rewarded Video Ads?
  • Challenges Of In-App Advertising
  • Rewarded Video Ads Best Practices

Balancing ad Quality and Revenue

  • How Ad Quality Impacts Audience Engagement
  • Strategies To Enforce Brand-Suitable Advertising
  • How Publishers Can Enhance User Experience

Fighting Cookie Sync Enabled Malvertising

  • The state of malvertising in digital advertising
  • Defend your site against cookie sync enabled malvertising

Combatting the Rising Trend of Targeted Ransomware

  • The State Of Ransomware In Digital Advertising
  • Defending Your Site Against Ransomware

Frost & Sullivan Names GeoEdge this Years Market Leader

  • Why GeoEdge’s innovate technology is a step ahead of criminals and competitors
  • Insight into GeoEdge’s customer-centric ad content management controls




Header Bidding 101: Optimization Made Easy

  • Types Of Malicious Activity Most Prevalent Through The Header
  • Features To Look For When Choosing An Ad Quality Partner

Outsmarting the Criminal: Ad Cloaking

  • Red Flags Indicating You’ve Been A Victim Of Cloaked Attacks
  • Strategies To Protect Ad Revenue And Maximize Security Over Creatives On Your Site

The Shocking Cost of Deceptive Advertising

  • An in-depth look on why now is the time to fight deceptive ads
  • Insight into the consequences of deceptive advertising

Revealing the Risks for Publishers Ahead of the 2020 Election

  • An In-Depth Look At The Latest Assault On Your User Experience
  • The Risks Associated With Clickbait Campaigns And Deceptive Advertising

How COVID Ads Are Infecting Your Site & Users

  • An in-depth look at the latest attacks on your users’ experience and safety
  • Insight into how scammers are leveraging the COVID-19 crisis to spread malvertising

How Rouge Ads Are Draining iPhone Batteries

  • An in depth look at how user experience is affected by CPU draining ads
  • Strategies to navigate new standards without losing revenue

Ad Quality Mistakes That Are Killing Your Revenue- Part 1

  • Make data-driven decisions on how quality assurance and security tools.
  • Best ways optimize performance and maximize your revenue.

Ad Quality Mistakes That Are Killing Your Revenue- Part 2

  • How to use ad quality and security tools to improve their business and revenue.
  • Ways to find the security and quality partners that can best meet business KPIs.

Offensive Ad Failures Your Business Shouldn’t Repeat

  • How prominent publishers have taken steps to protect their brands.
  • How low-quality ad content affects reputation and revenue streams

How to Boost Fill Rate & Take Out Competition

  • Offering tested strategies to improve fill rate
  • The most popular methods to deal with the challenge.

The Truth About Malware In Your Header Bidder

  • How and why malvertisers use WebRTC protocols to attack.
  • How to build the right security plan to fight these attacks.

Simple Guide to Mobile App Monetization

  • Why the mobile app channel is lucrative for mobile app publishers.
  • How publishers will need to avoid bad actors in the mobile ecosystem.

Identifying and Blocking Bad Ads

  • How publishers are affected by how ads are bought and delivered.
  • Why publishers are eliminating ad revenue in the programmatic era.

Publishers User Experience Guide

  • How to protect yourself against ad-hosted malware.
  • How to maximize control over the creatives on your site.

How To ‘See’ Your QA Blindspot

  • Insufficient QA, and what it means for publishers.
  • How automation can help lead the way to better, more efficient QA.

Publishers & Malware: Are You at Risk?

  • The growing risks of malware, and how publishers put users at risk.
  • How to defend your sites against these growing threats.

Optimizing Video Advertising [Made Easy]

  • How to fully evaluate the security of video advertising.
  • The factors affecting the video ad user experience today.

How Redirects Earn Scammers $210 Million Annually

  • The cost of auto-redirects for publishers and advertisers today.
  • Best practices for how to defend them.

How Bad UX Can Destroy Your Business

  • How to ensure that digital advertising doesn’t detract from user experience.
  • Regulatory compliance, and what it means for your Operations team.

Tips for Surviving a Malicious Attack: A Publishers Guide

  • The growing crisis of malicious advertising.
  • What to do when malicious ads hit, and how to fight back.

Top 5 Risks of Native Advertising

  • Native ads: managing both the benefits and the risks.
  • How and why bad actors insert malicious code into native ads.