Outsmarting the Criminal: Ad Cloaking

In the rapidly-evolving digital media landscape, new threats to ad security and quality emerge, stay in the headlines, and then take a backseat to even newer threats. The phishing attacks and in-banner video schemes of years past were eclipsed by forced redirects in the mid-2010s. In our current reality, publishers are focused on “psychological redirects” — in other words, fake “clickbait” ads.

All of these methods have something in common: they all, in one way or another, have been able to spread widely because bad actors have used cloaking strategies to camouflage their code and its true purpose. That said, publishers can notice signs that suggest they may have been victims of cloaked attacks. This guide explores symptoms of serious ad quality problems which publishers should consider red flags.

Covered In This Report

  • How malvertisers bypass ad scanning technology
  • Red flags indicating you’ve been a victim of cloaked attacks
  • Strategies to protect ad revenue and maximize security over creatives on your site

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