“With GeoEdge, we stopped hundreds of malvertising attacks each day, and drastically cut down our creative approval time – in some cases from one day down to mere seconds.”

– Sencan Ozen CEO, ReklamStore

Gain Total Control Over Your Ad Stack Quality & Increase Efficiency.

Pre-approval of all ad creatives on your platform gives you and your publishers peace of mind, knowing every ad campaign that goes live has been evaluated for safety and compliance.

Monitor each new creative before the campaign goes live

Weed out malicious and rogue creatives

Desktop and mobile testing to identify and resolve issues before you kick off a campaign

Robust, reliable multi-layer detection engine.

Patented Ad Quality Technology

Zero-day Security Detection

Sexually Explicit Ad/LP Monitoring

Ad Content Management

Scale-up your business by enabling self-serve with minimal cost.

Go live with campaigns in seconds, not hours.

Focus your energy on partnerships, not damage control.

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Know your value to your partners. Know the quality of your ads. Know all of it in advance.

Your publishers count on you not just for ad volume, but for consistent quality. Unsafe and inappropriate ads waste time and damage your partners’ trust. Pre-approval gives you the power to deliver worry-free monetization and build a reputation for integrity.
With every ad campaign carefully evaluated for safety and compliance, you can stop wasting energy on clean-up and focus on valuable partnerships.

Assure superior security and quality for your campaigns.

Ensure every creative complies with your supply partners specifications and standards.

Reduce time to go live through automated testing and verification.

Launch more campaigns in less time with minimal manual QA work.

GeoEdge’s ad verification solutions for platforms helps you reach your goals faster by eliminating bad ads from your platform for good.

Covering every aspect of Ad Quality