Audience Experience Control For CTV

Instantly validate creative compliance to achieve full programmatic transparency and brand safety in CTV advertising.
Prevent Disruptive

Enforce Ad Quality Standards


Safeguard Global Audiences with Ad Quality Protection

Promote a family-friendly experience by guaranteeing ad suitability for all viewers.
Automatically detect brand safety violations: Sexually explicit/suggestive content, smoking and vaping, marijuana products, gambling, weapons, aggressive behavior, political content, and more. Identify celebrities, products, brands, and keywords.
SafeStream scans all aspects of the ad, including video frames, audio, transcript, text OCR, and LP, to indicate any violations.
Content detection is supported across a wide variety of languages to support international audiences.

Prevent Disruptive
Ad Experiences

Eliminate user experience issues

Achieve a seamless streaming experience, free from intrusive ads by validating all media specifications.

Audio Loudness
Video Frame Rate
Video Bit Rate

Video Aspect Ratio
Media Length
Creative size (Kb)

Enhance Targeting and

Implement industry standards

Uphold compliance with child privacy regulations and maintain age-appropriate video content for youth viewers.

Enhance audience targeting capabilities while adhering to demand and supply-side guidelines using IAB ad classification.

Leverage SafeStream's extensive ad format support to easily work with a wide range of demand and supply partners

Scale CTV Programmatic Advertising Monetization By Integrating SafeStream Into Your Workflow

One-time scan / Repetitive scans

oRTB bid response
Stand alone media file
JS tags

Automated findings report by callback

Checks complete within 2 mins

Meet Viewer Expectations & Safeguard the
CTV Viewing Experience

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