Case Studies

Assembly AdWatch Case Study
Assembly Digital is no ordinary digital publisher; it also functions seamlessly as a tech company reshaping the traditional media landscape.
How YOC achieves flawless protection for high-impact ads
“Since we integrated GeoEdge in the VIS.X Platform, it’s hard for me to recall major complaints from our publishers. All ad quality-related issues are resolved right away.” – Ilya Mavrychev, YOC
How AlgoriX maintained high video ad quality standards to protect trusted partner relationships
AlgoriX is an independent global media and technology company serving adtech clients. The company is based in Singapore with local operations in the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, India, and China.
How Italiaonline Ensures Quality Impressions & User Experience
GeoEdge constantly monitors individual advertising and intervenes in real time, blocking fraudulent businesses and replacing them with quality impressions. That way, revenues are not lost. It’s a win-win model.
How Improving AdOps Efficiency Contributes To Planet Sports Bottom Line
The biggest compliment I can pay to GeoEdge is that I no longer need to think about it on a daily basis, I sleep easy because I have this security in place.
How Assembly applied tech and data to reimagine vendor evaluation
The final test results showed that GeoEdge had an 8% lower impact on ad load speed.
Kobe Case Study
Using GeoEdge’s tools including AdWatch, content verticals, and domain blocking, we can proactively block all ads which do not comply with our content policy
How CAN Digital monetizes Programmatic Advertising for Public Sector Partners with Integrity
GeoEdge supports CAN Digital to monetize programmatic advertising for its public sector partners with quality and integrity
  • Eliminated the threat of offensive content from appearing on public sector websites
SmartFrame Partners with GeoEdge to Provide Safe Contextually Targeted Advertising
SmartFrame Partners with GeoEdge to Provide Image Security and Control
  • Eliminated malicious advertising
  • Guarantees ads remain contextually relevant
  • Secures SmartFrame’s partnerships
How Quarter Media Regained AdOps Manpower Hours by Automating Demand Alert
How GeoEdge helped Quarter Media Regained AdOps Manpower Hours:
  • Regained upwards of 10 man hours a week.
  • Improved client satisfaction.
  • Improved communication with partners
How GeoEdge Solved Adtelligent’s Demand Verification Problem
How GeoEdge Solved Adtelligent’s Demand Verification Problem
  • Rapid verification times.
  • 10 point increase in Net Promoter Score.
  • Better service, higher revenue.
Verve Group Ensures Clean Ad Inventory by Eliminating Malicious Demand
Before integrating GeoEdge, a majority of time was spent trying to detect and identify malicious actors and then resolving the incident and repairing relationships.
How Digital Bloom Rebuilt its Ad Quality Process With Automated Demand Alerts
How Digital Bloom Rebuilt its Ad Quality Process With Automated Demand Alerts
  • Eliminated manual ad incident mitigation.
  • Better partner relationships.
  • Higher quality ads, increased revenue.
Ad platforms should work with GeoEdge to be able to focus on their core business and let someone else worry about the quality of the ads!
Ms. Ayako Ito
We keep hearing of publishers who are attacked by auto-redirects, but CompassTV remains safe with no user complaints. I can focus on my work without worrying about malware attacks.
Veronica Gilton
As a result of deploying GeoEdge’s real-time solution, Evolve Media saw a reduction in instances of malicious activity on its sites by 80%-90%.
GeoEdge helps GimmeMore provide safe user experience
How GeoEdge helped GimmeMore protect its users:
  • Stopped receiving users’ complaints.
  • Improved its site metrics.
  • Improved its users’ safety and overall experience
How GeoEdge helped Setupad reduce customer churn by real-time blocking solution and to gain more trust with their publishers
Since integrating GeoEdge, SetupAd has:
  • Minimized customer churn
  • Identify and block 99% of deceitful advertising auto-redirects in real-time
  • Reduced response time drastically: from one day to a real time response
MGID Takes Ad Quality Assurance to the Next Level
MGID’s partnership with GeoEdge enables advertisers and publishers to operate in a more transparent digital ad environment.
  • Reduced compliance issues by 90%
  • Restored a clean and secure user environment
  • Taken ad quality assurance to the next level
CompassTV maximizes revenue through GeoEdge security, doubling back its earnings
Since integrating with GeoEdge CompassTV has:
  • Stopped receiving ad quality related user complaints
  • Regained lost desktop revenue, 115% increase in earnings
  • Regained lost mobile revenue, almost 200% increase in earnings
GeoEdge Helps Daily Voice Get Rid of Redirects & Preserve User Loyalty
Since integrating GeoEdge, Daily Voice has:
  • Stopped receiving auto-redirects complaints from influencers
  • Increased its revenue by adding programmatic partners
  • Improved its ad operations efficiency
How Geoedge Helped Adasta Preserve their Publisher Revenue
After partnering with GeoEdge, Adasta was able to:
  • Stop redirects and help reclaim 8% of lost revenue per month
  • Improve relationships with their publishers through better ad security
  • Regain the 10% of working hours previously spent detecting security issues
Freeing Independent Publishers from Harm
Thanks to GeoEdge CristCDL has seen improvements in:
  • Total users and sessions increased by 65%
  • CPage views increased by 45%
  • Revenue increased by more than 200%
How GeoEdge Stopped Auto-Redirects and Allowed Triboo to Increase Traffic and Revenue
Since integrating GeoEdge, Triboo has:
  • Seen a major decrease in Auto-Redirects from 9.6% to 0.01%
  • Restored relations with all its partners
  • Seen a 7.5% increase in tra­ffic to all its websites
ReklamStore Increases Its Customer Base at the Speed of Light
Since implementing GeoEdge, ReklamStore’s DSP has seen:
  • Growth in customer
  • Reduced vetting time by 99.9%
  • Increase in customer retention rate
VertaMedia Partners with GeoEdge to Serve High Quality Video Ads to Publishers
Working with GeoEdge has enabled VertaMedia to:
  • Ensure high quality video ads
  • Strengthen publisher partnerships
  • Stop unwanted video ads
Liftable Media Reduces Ad Complaints by 60% Using GeoEdge
By using GeoEdge, Liftable has been able to:
  • Decrease offensive, latency-causing ads by 83%
  • Keep users happy & lower ad complaints by 60%
  • Bring in more revenue and improve user experience
Dotdash Relies on GeoEdge to Protect Their Users from Non-Compliant Ads
Utilizing GeoEdge, Dotdash is able to:
  • Protect 74 million users’ experiences from disruptive ads
  • Resolve ad security and quality issues quickly & efficiently
  • Work with ad partners with confidence
Sovrn Partners with GeoEdge to Trace and Block Malicious & Unwanted Ads
By integrating GeoEdge, Sovrn can:
  • Detect and block malicious and non-compliant ads
  • Identify the source and target of an unwanted ad faster
  • Save on time & resources for their ad ops team
AppLift Opens New Revenue Stream Thanks to Partnership with GeoEdge
Since incorporating GeoEdge, AppLift has been able to:
  • Increase monetization by 40%
  • Work with even more 3rd parties
  • Increase workflow efficiency and reduce operational costs
GeoEdge Delivers on Anti-Malvertising and Ad Quality Monitoring for DSP Splicky
GeoEdge enables Splicky to:
  • Maintain their reputation as a safe and trustworthy DSP
  • Ensure top quality scores with supply partners
  • Focus on optimizing their advertisers’ ROI
Kimia Reduces Time to Resolve Mobile Ad Quality Issues 70% by Working with GeoEdge
By integrating with GeoEdge, Kimia has been able to:
  • Ensure the integrity of their network
  • Enforce mobile ad quality standards
  • Reduce time spent on ad quality monitoring by 70%
Mediasmart Sees 78% Decrease in Mobile Ad Quality Violations Using GeoEdge
By working with GeoEdge, mediasmart can:
  • Stop mobile auto-redirects from disrupting the user experience
  • Confidently enable customers to upload ad tags directly
  • Serve 8x more impressions without ad policy violations
Taggify Partners with GeoEdge and Reduces Video Ad Complaints by 90%
By utilizing GeoEdge, Taggify has been able to:
  • Reduce malvertising incidents through their platform
  • Improve their industry reputation
  • Maintain a safe environment for final user & publisher