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Granular Ad Quality Control
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Real Time Protection for Programmatic

GeoEdge’s ad security solution monitors your ad inventory 24/7 to detect and block any malicious activity and quality issues in real-time. Only safe ads are served and your users are never exposed to security or quality threats.

QA Automation for Direct Campaigns

QA Automation delivers comprehensive automated quality assurance that expedites your QA process, eliminating delays caused by troubleshooting creative and compliance issues.

Protect Users Before and After They Click

Our ad security solution protects your audiences from malicious and bad ads in the programmatic ecosystem and ensures a clean, safe and engaging user experience.

Be a reputable, trustworthy source for great content without worrying about User Experience hiccups.

Increase revenue by keeping users on-site, engaged and loyal over time.

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your ad ops team.

Protect the integrity of your brand as a publisher.


Eliminate Malvertising and Ad Quality Threats

A clean, secure environment delivers the experience your users demand. Earn their loyalty and trust — and turn their engagement into increased ad revenue in the long run.

Holistic User Protection

Give your users protection they can rely on, to keep bad ads out of sight and out of mind. Grow your overall revenue and open up the field of partners you can work with. Meet your goals without sacrificing time, energy, and talent.

Reduce User Churn

You’ve worked hard to provide the best content for your audience. Now, keep those users on the page, and keep them coming back throughout their lives.

Gain Peace of Mind

Embracing programmatic shouldn’t cost you your peace of mind. Achieve the fill you need, at the CPMs you choose — without agonizing over whether bad actors might sneak in.

GeoEdge helps publishers to  increase customer loyalty. protect the user experience. increase lifetime value.


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