“AdWatch displays every creative that has an impression on our site. Ontop of real-time protection, we can quickly block either at the advertiser or creative level.”

User Security, Ad Quality & Compliance Begin with GeoEdge's Real-Time Malvertising Protection

GeoEdge’s malvertising protection for publishers monitors your ad inventory 24/7 to detect and block any malicious activity and quality issues in real-time, long before any damage can occur. Only clean ads are served and your users are never exposed to security or quality threats.

Monitor every single ad impression.

Block on the pre-impression level, before they impact any user.

Blocks only campaigns with bad ads, without removing the entire creative.

Automatically replaces blocked ads with a clean and safe ad.

Patented Ad Quality Technology

User Ad Feedback

AdWatch- Ad Review Center

Ad Content Control

Holistic Clickbait Prevention

Defends against malvertising whether it is injected through the creative or the landing page.

AdWatch- Ad Review Center

View all programmatic creatives in one dashboard. Allocate unwanted creatives and set effective rules to filter them out with a single click.

Control Ads Reported By Users

Implement a feedback loop with your audienceand tailor your ad policies to their feedback.

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Protect the integrity of your brand as a publisher

Covering every aspect of Ad Quality