As a light tower that guides ships to shore safely, GeoEdge protects publishers and platforms from serving bad ads to users

"Our partnership with GeoEdge has been instrumental to our improvement of IAB spec compliance and user experience."

Roxanne Allen, Director of Operations

"Thanks to GeoEdge, we provide a high standard in malware protection for our publishers & networks throughout the exchange."

Aluma Zur, Head of Support, Ajillion by Crossrider

"GeoEdge provides us with an important protection layer and service enabling our publishers to constantly grow with Matomy in all products and geos."

Gil Klein, EVP Media

"GeoEdge has been our most effective partner in the attempt to monitor and block bad ads within our network."

Marissa Morris, Traffic Quality Analyst

"In a global programmatic advertising landscape...GeoEdge is essential to meet legal requirements & ensure publisher quality scores are met."

Katy Schädlich, Supply Manager

"Working with GeoEdge has helped us to improve, not only in malware and ad quality detection and prevention, but in our overall reputation in the ad-tech ecosystem."

Julio Chamizo, Co-founder & CEO

"GeoEdge has really helped us get a handle on our programmatic ads and make us feel confident that we are delivering secure, quality ads to our user base."

Ford Jordan - COO/CFO

"Since we began working with GeoEdge we feel safer, have more confidence, and are able to protect and further strengthen our partnerships with publishers."

Rishi Agarwal, Managing Director

"Now we’re able to protect our users from harmful or disruptive ads. We also love the fast & dedicated service from the GeoEdge team."

Artis Kehris, Head of Advertising Sales AskFm

"GeoEdge is essential to battle the ever-changing malware & bad ad insertion tactics to ensure that users have a good ad experience on our sites."

Stefano Minerva, Head of Performance & Programmatic Ad Operations, TribooMedia

"We are excited to get on board with the GeoEdge technology as an important part of the VertaMedia suite of industry-leading tools."

Alex Bornyakov, CEO and co-founder of VertaMedia.

GeoEdge’s prime focus is to protect publishers' audiences from malicious and bad ads in the programmatic ecosystem. We monitor your ad inventory 24/7 to detect and block any malicious activity and quality issues in real-time, long before any damage can occur. Only clean ads are served and your users are never exposed to security or quality threats.

With GeoEdge, you can stop choosing between profits and peace of mind — and give your users the clean, safe and engaging experience they expect.

Unsurpassed Expertise in

Anti-Malvertising Ad Quality Management Creative QA Automation Real Time Blocking

The Full Spectrum of Protection. In Real Time.

Our only focus is making sure your users get nothing but safe, clean high-quality ads. We deeply understand the unique challenges and issues affecting our partners’ ecosystems. Our identification, scanning and real-time blocking solution provides the comprehensive capabilities needed to fully protect users in today’s programmatic ad environment. Whether it's header bidding, native or video ads, we have you covered.

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More Than Customer Service
— an Extension of Your Team

With GeoEdge, you’ve got so much more than just a tool — you’ve got a world-class support team by your side. Think of us as an extension to your in-house Ad Ops and security teams, ready to assist and advise whenever you need. And with our customer success team, you can ensure that no matter what, your audience always gets the best user experience.

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