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GeoEdge’s CBO Encourages Publisher’s To Eliminate Clickbait Ads

May 2, 2022

When the sole motive is profit, publishers fail. Clickbait creative may generate short-term revenue, but it sharply degrades user experience. When publishers put users at the center of their monetization strategy, revenue follows

Propaganda Through Programmatic Tech

April 29, 2022

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, programmatic technology continues to be used by parties on both sides of the conflict as a platform to conduct psychological warfare.

GeoEdge Discusses How To Maintain User Trust

February 11, 2022

Few publishers are spared the burden of poor ad quality, hitting them where it hurts most—audience trust. Digital advertising is often characterized by clickbait, as well as deceptive and offensive advertising.

Why GeoEdge Shined On Top As Assembly’s Ad Quality Vendor

January 1, 2022

While Assembly asserts a more software development-forward makeup than the traditional digital publisher, Fowler and his team still have to answer a question all digital publishers face: How do you evaluate and pick the right vendor?

GeoEdge’s CBO Defines How To Balance Short-Term Profits And Long-Term Success

October 19, 2022

In 2021, 76% of publishers reported ad quality challenges affected user experience. Sixty-six percent of publishers reported that ad quality issues impacted their revenue, underscoring how vital it is to adopt a user-first approach.

GeoEdge Relieves NPR’s Ad Quality Obstacles

August 18, 2022

Rob Beeler speaks with Brett Robinson and Sabrina Mohsenin from NPR about how they untapped programmatic revenue once they answered all the internal concerns about what programmatic brings with it.

GeoEdge Uncovers Global-Scale Malvertising Attack On IoT Devices

August 9, 2022

“GeoEdge’s patented behavioral code analysis technology and advanced malware detection capabilities detected online ads covertly injecting malware into smart-home IoT devices,” said GeoEdge CEO Amnon Siev.

Malicious Advertising That Ruins In-App Gaming

July 27, 2021

Since the inception of smartphones, mobile games have been one of the most popular app categories. However, there is one major downside to mobile gaming: the influx of bad ads.

GeoEdge CEO Discusses The Importance Of Ad Transparency

January 21, 2020

“Publishers and platforms are fighting more vigorously, making more efforts to provide a safe and professional experience for users and advertisers,” said GeoEdge CEO, Amnon Siev. “That’s why GeoEdge’s security research team, using our real-time blocking technology, works to uncover and analyze malicious patterns in order to more effectively block auto-redirects, Malvertising and other bad ads such as sexually-offensive ads.”

How User Experience Can Be Bettered Through Ad Quality

May 4, 2021

Across the ecosystem, ad inventory is flooded with offensive, deceptive, off-brand, and malicious forms of advertising. In fact, 85% of publishers reported seeing increased or constant levels of low-quality advertising in the last year.

GeoEdge Raises The Bar For High Level Ad Content Quality And Control

February 23, 2021

As the programmatic market has grown more refined and valuable to advertisers and publishers alike, buyers increasingly pay attention to the environments their ads appear in. Quality advertisers demand that they appear adjacent not only to high-quality content, but also to other high-quality ads.

GeoEdge Discusses How To Maintain User Trust

February 11, 2021

Few publishers are spared the burden of poor ad quality, hitting them where it hurts most—audience trust. Digital advertising is often characterized by clickbait, as well as deceptive and offensive advertising.

GeoEdge’s VP Product Deep Dives Into AdWatch

February 1, 2021

To address the increasing challenges around malicious and inappropriate content, publishers seeking the highest level of ad content quality and control can solidify their brand’s content strategy, avoid ad-related annoyances and ad quality issues.

GeoEdge Uncovers Global Malicious Ad Campaign Generating $5 – 10 Billion in Credit Card Fraud

September 9, 2020

Morphixx Malvertising Scam Attacks US, Japan & Europe in a Global Malicious Ad Campaign to Steal Credit Card Numbers & Generate $5 – 10 Billion in Credit Card Charges.

Frost & Sullivan Name GeoEdge 2020 Customer Value Leadership Award Winner 

December 9, 2020

“Across channels, GeoEdge helps publishers optimize ad security and efficacy, minimizes delays caused by troubleshooting and compliance issues, and safeguards the lifetime value chain for the entire programmatic ecosystem,” said Chen Yakar, Consulting Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

GeoEdge Releases AdWatch, The Industry’s First Transparency Tool  

December 8, 2020

The visual programmatic tool gives publishers transparency to support brand safety. The technology allows publishers to view ads in real-time to identify ad content that might be unpleasant or inappropriate for the publisher’s brand.

Future of AdTech Leadership: E-Summit.

November 12, 2020

Listen in as executives from RevContent, Freestar, Arkadium, Insticator and GeoEdge discuss leadership resilience, as well as strategies to nurture growth within top talent teams in the upcoming year. Watch the recording on-demand.

Malicious Cloned Sites on the Rise 

October 6, 2020

Addressing the malvertising trend of malicious cloned sites, GeoEdge is the 1st Ad Security solution to block ads leading to cloned sites, protecting publishers and their users.

Malvertising Scam Hits U.S. During Labor Day Weekend

September 8, 2020

Site visitors were targeted using their IP address. Some received a service survey with a gift lottery notification that appeared to be from their internet service provider. The notices personalized the content, which meant specific branding from the user’s ISP.

2020 Mobile Partner E-Summit

September 2, 2020

Listen in as executives from Inmobi, Adcolony, Smatto, Gameloft, and GeoEdge discuss how the market landscape has shifted and strategies for mobile publishers and platforms to create transparency driven partnerships

2020 Partner Transparency E-Summit 

July 22, 2020

Listen in as executives from OpenX, Dotdash, MediaMath,33Across and GeoEdge strategize on creating greater transparency-driven partnerships between publishers and platforms. Watch the recording on-demand.

Surge In Malvertising Predicted For July 4th Weekend

July 4, 2020

When comparing this year’s holiday attacks, a very clear difference exists between those that occurred prior to the pandemic and after. On New Year’s Eve users faced a major spike in malvertising scams up to 11-fold compared to our daily routine.

20/20 On The Industry In 2020 E-Summit

May 21, 2020

Curious about the shift in advertiser’s and user’s flavors and the impact of Covid-19 and the upcoming elections on the ecosystem? Hear it all from industry professionals from the Financial Times, and Spot.IM. Watch the recording on-demand.

Pan-European Panel on AdTech Optimization in 2020.

May 14, 2020

Wondering how to optimize ad inventory to increase viewability, scale, and CPMs? Or how the current situation is affecting CPM’s, Fill Rate, User Experience and advertisers’ buying behavior? Watch the recording on-demand!

Bad Actors Are Taking Advantage Of Genuine Web Infrastructure To Hide The Spread Of Malware

January 22, 2020

GeoEdge encountered the WebRTC scheme in October 2018. GeoEdge estimates publishers will lose around $325 million in 2019 due to WebRTC malvertising.

GeoEdge CEO Amnon Siev about ad integrity and safety

February 26, 2019

Interview with GeoEdge CEO Amnon Siev on how their technology keeps up with malicious malware and addresses issues of ad integrity and safety

Publishers: To Fight Malvertisers, Leave No Pixel Unturned

January 21, 2019

Publishers continue to face increasingly malicious and sexually-offensive ads, from phishing attacks designed to reveal personal information to nefarious ads hidden in images. Publishers need real-time blocking to keep their users and advertisers safe

DoubleVerify Acquires Leiki; GroupM UK Verified by ABC to JICWEBS Anti Ad-Fraud & Brand-Safety Principles

January 18, 2019

GeoEdge First to Bring Real-Time Ad Security & Quality to Mobile In-App Environments

New GeoEdge solution targets mobile ad malware

January 21, 2019

GeoEdge, the provider of ad verification and transparency solutions, has just rolled out a new solution which lets advertisers block malicious and inappropriate ads in-app in real time.

GeoEdge launches real-time, in-app, ad security solution

January 18, 2019

GeoEdge, which provides ad security and verification solutions, has launched an SDK which blocks of malicious and inappropriate ads in-app, in real time. The company claims it is the digital marketplace’s first such in-app solution.

GeoEdge First to Bring Real-Time ad Security and Quality to Mobile In-App Environments

January 17, 2019

GeoEdge First to Market with Real-Time Ad Security and Quality Solution for Mediation SDK

Geoedge Releases Solution for In-App Blocking Of Inappropriate Mobile Ads

January 16, 2019

GeoEdge presents developers with a mobile SDK that they can integrate directly into the app. It provides, via a web-based console, full reports on all activity the technology observes in the app environment.

How to Defend Against Malvertising Drive-By Attacks

November 27, 2018

The cost of malvertising is huge: A report from ad verification vendor GeoEdge estimated that the threat costs the online advertising industry more than $1.1 billion a year, and anticipated the cost rising another 20–30 percent in 2019

Malicious code hidden in advert images cost ad networks $1.13bn this year

November 16, 2018

The steganographic technique is fast becoming a popular method for fraudsters to dupe legitimate ad networks and spread malvertising across legitimate domains, according to GeoEdge, with a recent string of incidents highlighting the method’s capabilities.

Malvertising: redirects hidden in images are growing

November 15, 2018

According to GeoEdge, a company that provides ad security and verification solutions for digital advertisers, malicious code embeds using steganography increased in 2018 with incidents growing exponentially.

Malicious Ads Embedded in Ad Images Gain Traction According to GeoEdge’s Real-Time Blocking

November 15, 2018

Steganography – the Practice of Concealing a File, Message, Image or Video Within Another File, Message, Image or Video – Is a Growing Trend This Year, Being Implemented by Malicious Advertisers Who Insert Their Malicious Codes into Ad Images

GeoEdge upgrades its User Protection Service to include Real-time Blocking

January 12, 2018

With the growth of malicious ads on publisher sites and apps increasing five-fold over the past seven years, GeoEdge, the premier provider of ad security and verification solutions, has upgraded its User Protection Service to include Real-time Blocking.

GeoEdge Research Reveals: Real-time Blocking of Malicious and Bad Ads for Publishers Also Serves as Prevention Against Malicious Actors

July 12, 2018

18 hours after blocking malicious ad attacks, GeoEdge’s publisher clients experienced a 70-80% reduction in malicious ad campaigns according to company reports

GeoEdge Builds Real-Time Technology To Block Malware, Offensive Ads

July 12, 2018

GeoEdge, which provides ad security and verification software, has built real-time malware-blocking technology into its platform, allowing publishers to monitor and keep ads that might have malicious code from serving up on their sites

InMobi partners with GeoEdge to improve user experience of mobile ads

March 14, 2018

InMobi has just partnered with GeoEdge. Together, the companies will be able to provide high quality ads and a cleaner marketplace that offers safe and engaging user experience.

InMobi Partners with GeoEdge to Regulate Ad Quality Standards and Improve User Experience

March 20, 2018

InMobi, an independent mobile advertising platform, announced a partnership with GeoEdge, to ensure high ad quality and a clean marketplace that offers a safe and engaging user experience.

A New Wave Of Bad Ads Is Hijacking Even Top-Tier Websites

January 18, 2019

A highly complex online advertising system makes it hard for big name publishers to find, let alone stop, misleading, malware-laden, and hard-to-close ads.

GeoEdge Partners with kidSAFE to Ensure User Privacy & Security for Children

December 19, 2019

GeoEdge is working with kidSAFE to quickly identify and remediate any potential privacy or security threats.

User Experience vs Ad Revenue: Publishers Brace for Google’s Ad Blocking Browser

January 17, 2018

Publishers need to ensure they follow all of the recommended guidelines, avoiding those intrusive ads

Study: Auto-redirect attacks cost publishers, marketers $1.13B annually

January 10, 2018

The report is the latest indication that ad fraud continues to plague digital marketing despite efforts to address the problem. In fact, the rate of auto-redirect attacks increased significantly in 2017, according to the GeoEdge report


January 4, 2018

Multiple hacker networks involved in large-scale auto-redirect attacks are costing advertisers and publishers $1.13 billion annually, according to a new report.

Understanding the Link Between Auto-redirects and Ad Fraud

January 8, 2018

GeoEdge ran an in-depth research and discovered distinct classes of redirect attacks and their underlying mechanisms, making it possible to thwart many of the auto-redirects’ countermeasures.

Brands, Publishers Losing $1.1B To Redirected Links, Click Fraud

January 4, 2018

GeoEdge estimates the scam could cost publishers and advertisers $1.13 billion annually.

To Protect and Serve: A Conversation on Malware, Video, & HTML5 with GeoEdge’s Amnon Siev

January 12, 2016

Explosive growth in video, a sense that the ad marketplace might have finally “figured out” mobile, the ability to discover previously unseen demand sources

Images Are New Playground For Malicious Code, Costing Advertisers Millions

November 16, 2018

A growing trend of embedding malicious ads within the images of ads could wreak havoc on the advertising industry and cost brands millions this year.

Vertoz Partners with GeoEdge to Keep Partners’ Ads Malware-Free

July 8, 2017

With the digital industry booming in India and globally, Vertoz, the programmatic ad company has turned to GeoEdge for malware and quality protection in header bidding, open RTB, native and video ads.

GeoEdge Launches SpecHub, the Automated Solution for Publishers’ Direct-Sold Campaigns

December 19, 2019

A new solution launched by GeoEdge promises to automate the direct-sold, creative QA testing process for publishers. Designed to make the workflow more efficient, the solution dubbed ‘SpecHub’ allows publishers to test campaigns prior to publication.

Investors Warm to Connatix as Digital Ad Spending Rises

December 19, 2019

GeoEdge enables Connatix to proactively block malware and “low-quality ads” before user complaints are lodged with publishers.

Feature Forward Partners with GeoEdge for New Exchange: FeFoX

December 19, 2019

Feature Forward, the leader in programmatic advertising, has today announced a partnership with GeoEdge to monitor and protect its ad inventory.

Mediasmart Sees 78% Decrease in Mobile Ad Quality Violations Using GeoEdge

December 19, 2019

By working with GeoEdge, mediasmart has been able to stop mobile auto-redirects from disrupting the user experience and serve 8x more impressions without ad policy violations.

Connatix Partners With GeoEdge To Bolster Security Against Video Ad Fraud

December 19, 2019

Native ad platform Connatix has partnered with GeoEdge to integrate GeoEdge’s software with the Connatix server, allowing Connatix users to detect and deflect low-quality ads and malware.

GeoEdge Releases Security Report on Native Ad Vulnerabilties

December 19, 2019

In the report, GeoEdge delves into major issues regarding native ads, from user security and malvertising threats to ambiguity and proper disclosure.

Kimia Partners with GeoEdge for Ad Quality Compliance

December 19, 2019

Kimia decided to confront bad ads head-on by partnering with GeoEdge to control any and all compliance issues.

Brightcom Integrates GeoEdge and Forensiq to Reinforce Viewability and Ad Traffic Quality

December 19, 2019

Brightcom partners with GeoEdge to reinforce their commitment to enhance high-quality ads and protect against malvertising.

VertaMedia Video SSP Partners With GeoEdge for Safe & High-Quality Video Ads

December 19, 2019

VertaMedia announces a strategic partnership with GeoEdge to ensure that publishers receive best-in-class, live video ad security and verification.

Significant Security Threats in Native Advertising

December 19, 2019

Cover of the GeoEdge report that takes a look at the security implications of native advertising on publishers’ websites.

HTML5 Won’t Stop Malvertising, Brings New Threats

December 19, 2019

GeoEdge report cited in examination of HTML5 and Flash for ad security and malvertising attacks.

Tech Talk: Israel’s Ad-Tech Scene Heats Up

December 19, 2019

As video ads continue to grow as one of the most preferable ways to monetize publishers’ inventory, it is also of vital importance to safeguard their user experience.

Malicious Activity Is More Hardcore in Programmatic: Q&A with Amnon Siev, CEO, GeoEdge

November 29, 2018

ExchangeWire speaks with Amnon Siev, CEO, GeoEdge, about how to block the bad actors and how publishers can protect themselves from malicious activity

Ad Network Takes Steps to Reduce Fraud

January 19, 2019

“GeoEdge blocks the ad from uploading if there’s malware in the chain somewhere,” said Ben-Asher from Xertive, now a top 30 ad network, “No drive-by downloads, no redirects to a malware page.”