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Maximize Your Efficiency
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GeoEdge protects more than the ads you deliver.
We preserve your brand, your reputation, and your growth.

Ongoing Ad Quality Protection

GeoEdge monitors your ad inventory 24/7 to detect and block any malicious activity and address quality issues in real time, protecting your platform’s reputation. Only clean ads are shared and your publisher or supply partners are never exposed to security or ad quality threats.

Pre-Approval Ad Verification

Ensure your campaigns go live safely – not in hours, but in seconds. GeoEdge lets you deliver ads that meet your highest standards for ad quality and security. No more worrying about malicious ads, auto-redirects, or sexually offensive and off-brand material!

Protect your supply partners with the strongest detection engine in the market

You provide your publishers more than monetization – you partner with them in upholding their standards and reputation. It’s a two-way street. When your partners can rest assured knowing their ads are safe, your own name shines, too.

Set yourself up for success right away with our robust ad quality and security solutions for platforms, based on machine learning, broad market coverage, and years of experience.

You can trust that your ads will meet the highest standard of quality – with no limit to the number of bids or demand partners you can work with.

Enhance your own brand by ensuring only the highest quality product. Partner with the best in the business for both demand and supply.

Monitor every incoming ad tag and take complete control of all of your inventory. Block low-quality creatives, and let only clean ad tags pass unharmed.

Put a stop to malvertising attacks, threats, and sexually suggestive or explicit creative. That’s protection beyond what anyone else in the industry offers.


Broader Protection + Streamlined Processes = More Revenue.

Don’t allow bad ads to make your business decisions for you. Take ownership of your decisions. Trust leading technology to stop bad ads at their source.

Cutting-edge in ad quality

Industry-leading protection from bad ads. Real-time ad security and quality assurance coverage. Peace of mind, ahead of time.

Authority on ad quality

Real-time detection of security and ad quality issues across your platform allows you to act fast and with confidence – before you and your partners loose crucial revenue.

Join us in growing your business

GeoEdge is committed to teamwork. As your partners, we guarantee that you get a fast, knowledgeable response to empower you to meet your business goals.

GeoEdge helps publishers to  increase customer loyalty. protect the user experience. increase lifetime value.


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