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Customized, Automated Testing
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The 90-Second Verification Process

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Reduce time to go live - with confidence.

Your direct-sold campaigns are vital to your business. So are your relationships with your buy-side partners. Don’t let quality assurance on your direct-sold campaigns slow down your workflow or your revenue flow. Get started with GeoEdge’s creative QA automation.

Automated, comprehensive, trustworthy quality assurance gives you the opportunity to go live with direct campaigns. Keeping your best buyers informed of and satisfied with the QA process has never been so easy.

Complete and automated ad quality testing.

Never launch a broken ad campaign again.

Desktop, tablet and mobile tests to ensure good user experience.

Video testing to identify and resolve issues before you kick off a campaign.

Creative QA Automation- Covering Every Aspect of Ad Quality

70% Reduction in QA & Trafficking Workload

QA automation monitors and tests all of your direct campaigns, prior to launch. You’re in the pilot’s seat—this process is customizable to your requirements and expectations. In order to pass and be verified for launch, all creatives must comply with your own specs and standards and with industry specs.

Ensure every creative complies with your specifications and industry standards

Assure superior security and quality for your direct-sold campaigns

Reduce time to go live through automated testing and verification

Launch more campaigns in less time with minimal manual QA work

Transform Your QA Process with GeoEdge

Architected for Scalability

You might be wondering if SpecHub will be able to handle and organize the several agencies you’ll be working with. Good news – whether you’re working with just a few agencies or dozens, it’s easy to share your personalized SpecHub with as many agencies and partners as you please. All your agency contacts have to do is use their own login and submit creatives directly to you. Find out more about how you’ll be able to view all campaigns associated with your account and even drill down into each one. Get started today with SpecHub, the leading solution for creative QA Automation!