Boosting Rev Ops Efficiency

In our latest playbook, we surveyed publishers to identify where automation can support your programmatic and direct advertising workflows. Explore the impact of ad quality in direct deals, programmatic channels, as well as on the workload of Rev Ops and Ad Ops teams.

71% of publishers learn about bad ads that appear on their site only if these ads are reported by a reader, user, or internal team member via email or social media. What’s more, 20% of publishers test less than half of the direct campaign assets they receive. Automating ad quality enforcement and streamlining the management of campaign assets can greatly enhance a publisher’s revenue and may be the publisher’s best strategy for preventing unwanted and off-brand creatives.

Covered In This Report

  • Tactics to enhance programmatic ad quality and attract premium advertisers
  • How to route user ad feedback directly to ad ops teams
  • Streamlining the direct sale asset management process

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