Header Bidding 101: Optimization Made Easy

The programmatic ad market evolves quickly, but few developments in the evolution of programmatic have been as substantial and wide-reaching as header bidding. Header bidding gave publishers unprecedented insights into the true value of their ad inventory, and as mature as the header seems, it is already being shaken up by the seismic changes rocking digital advertising.

Now is the time for publishers to strategize when it comes to earning strong header revenue while maintaining long-term, trust-based relationships with their audiences. A focus on quality assurance allows publishers to reap the benefits header bidding derives—without the risks to user experience and engagement. In conjunction with AdMonsters, we surveyed publishers to understand their current header (and open bidding) setups while seeing what they were planning for an ambiguous future. 

Covered In This Report

  • Insight into top challenges associated with the header
  • Types of malicious activity most prevalent through the header
  • Features to look for when choosing an ad quality partner

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