Revealing the Risks for Publishers Ahead of the 2020 Election

Audiences in the U.S. are watching this race closely, and because new campaign messages and issues come out almost daily, there’s always something new to engage with. At the same time, the public’s trust in media is in jeopardy: users are concerned that political content may contain misleading information, but that concern leads them to distrust politicians and media outlets themselves.

During this U.S. election year, as we see an uptick in deceptive ads, misinformation, and fake news, publishers are working tirelessly to create content audiences can trust, engage with deeply, and return to. The last thing they need is to see misleading or deceptive ads on their pages, undermining their efforts.

Covered In This Report

  • An in-depth look at the latest assault on your user experience
  • The risks associated with clickbait campaigns and deceptive advertising
  • Strategies to deal with misleading political ad content

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