Case Studies

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Achieving Flawless Protection for High-Impact Ads at YOC
Maintaining High Video Ad Quality Standards at AlgoriX
Ensuring Quality Impressions & User Experience at Italiaonline
Improving AdOps Efficiency for Planet Sports’ Bottom Line
Applying Tech and Data to Reimagine Vendor Evaluation
Monetizing Programmatic Advertising for Public Sector Partners
SmartFrame Serves Safe Contextually Targeted Advertising
Regaining AdOps Manpower Hours with Automated Demand Aler
Adtelligent’s Efficient Demand Partner Validation with GeoEdge
Ensuring Clean Ad Inventory by Eliminating Malicious Demand at
How Digital Bloom Eliminated Manual Ad Incident Mitigation
Stroer’s Campaign Verification Acceleration: From Days to Minutes
How Gimme More Identifies the SSP Responsible for Problematic Ads
How MGID Achieved a 90% Reduction in Compliance Issues
GeoEdge’s Auto-Redirect Solution Revives Revenue at Daily Voice
How Adasta Prevents Redirects and Recovered 8% of Monthly Lost Revenue
Crist Training’s 65% Increase in Users and Sessions
GeoEdge Stops Auto-Redirects and Boosts Traffic and Revenue for Triboo
ReklamStore Achieves 1,400% Increase in AdOps Efficiency
VertaMedia Partners with GeoEdge to Serve High-Quality Video Ads
Tracing and Blocking Malicious & Unwanted Creatives
How DSPs Implement Anti-Malvertising and Ad Quality Monitoring
Kimia Reduces Time to Resolve Mobile Ad Quality Issues by 70% with GeoEdge
Mediasmart Sees 78% Decrease in Mobile Ad Quality Violations
Taggify Partners with GeoEdge and Reduces Video Ad Complaints by 90%