Publisher Protection

Applying Tech And Data To Reimagine Vendor Evaluation


Assembly Digital is no ordinary digital publisher; it also functions seamlessly as a tech company reshaping the traditional media landscape. As one of Canada’s fastest-growing media groups, Assembly owns and operates five digital publications, spanning health, entertainment, home and lifestyle. GeoEdge has been the trusted provider of ad quality protection for Assembly for more than five years.

Following its acquisition by St. Joseph Communications, the Assembly team faced the task of aligning ad quality policies with SJC’s brand. Not all off-brand ads can be filtered out with broad policy strokes, necessitating heightened transparency. Assembly required an ad quality control solution with granular capabilities, displaying all programmatic creatives to effectively filter out unwanted ads and brands.

“It’s like night and day when you implement GeoEdge. You can really fine-tune the ad experience, to the point where GeoEdge is like another member of the team that works 24/7 in the [ad quality] compliance function to ensure that the user experience is crisp and clean.”

Ken Stephen
Director of Revenue Operations at Assembly Digital


Assembly’s rigorous advertising guidelines prohibit offensive or shock-inducing ads, as well as ads linked to sensitive categories like drugs and weapons. As part of their commitment to user trust, Assembly also prohibits misleading user experience ads that cause panic or confusion.

With its acquisition by SJC, a new workflow and additional ad quality guidelines were introduced at Assembly. Whenever ads deviate from the desired ad experience, SJC promptly shares screenshots or text snippets with the Assembly team. This necessity drove the quest for an ad search and review solution to effectively eliminate specific ads.

The Solution

Assembly depends on GeoEdge’s real-time control over ad quality, employing keywords, domains, content verticals, and blocklists. To go beyond broad strokes, Assembly leverages GeoEdge’s AdWatch, keyword search and brand filtering capabilities. AdWatch’s comprehensive display of all programmatic creatives enables the Assembly team to swiftly locate and filter off-brand ads. Additionally, GeoEdge’s multi-policy feature streamlines the management of diverse ad quality policies, allowing for customized ad experiences tailored to specific site audiences.

“You don’t need to go hunting, using a VPN, to try to find this ad in the wild. You have tools that enable you to swiftly narrow it down and get back to your tasks. It’s been great to just let go of that [ad quality] piece, and trust that it’s going to be managed.”
Ken Stephen
Director of Revenue Operations at Assembly Digital


GeoEdge empowers the Assembly team to effectively eliminate ad content and behavior violations. Through quick policy definition and refinement, ad quality compliance shifted from a daily task to a weekly one. To uphold its ad quality standards and adhere to SJC’s guidelines, Assembly utilizes AdWatch’s keyword search and brand filtering features, ensuring a user experience that aligns with both brands.

Ken Stephen boldly connects the dots between ad quality and user experience. “Quality ads attract more returning users, increase pages-per-session, and boost click-through rates. The cohesive alignment of ads, context, and user experience satisfies stakeholders and entices advertisers to pay a premium for premium ad slots.” GeoEdge technology empowers Assembly Digital to align its ad quality with brand standards while ensuring a secure user experience.


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