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Ensuring Quality Impressions & User Experience At Italiaonline

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Italiaonline is the top Italian internet company, providing email services, web advertising sales, and digital communication services. Italiaonline created Libero, Virgilio, Di Lei, SiViaggia, Buonissimo, and the web agency Italiaonline Advertising. Each month, 28 million Italians visit Italiaonline’s brands on the web, and approximately 10 million Italians use their email and personal cloud services. 

Italiaonline has worked with GeoEdge since 2019 to protect the integrity of users’ online experience. We recently spoke with Domenico Pascuzzi, Italiaonline’s Marketing and Publishing Director, to learn more about their dedication to user privacy and security, and to hear how partnering with GeoEdge has fortified that commitment.

“GeoEdge constantly monitors individual advertising and intervenes in real time, blocking fraudulent businesses and replacing them with quality impressions. That way, revenues are not lost. It’s a win-win model.”
Domenico Pascuzzi

The Challenge

Good ethics and good business

As Pascuzzi explained, protecting users’ privacy and security is an ethical and business priority. Users who browse Italiaonline’s portals, read their content, and use their services do so knowing that they don’t risk being exposed to malicious advertisements seeking to access their personal information through viruses or malware.

Italiaonline knows that the web revolves around people. It’s essential that publishers, advertisers, networks, and advertising platforms do their utmost to protect those people. When users fall victim to a scam, they identify the site on which they saw the banner and clicked on it as responsible for the scam. The consequences of this negative association are a platform’s worst nightmare:

  • Negative reviews on the web
  • Loss of users
  • Increased churn
  • Lost revenue

The Solution

On the path of brand safety

A proactive approach to protecting users is a must. The only way for Italiaonline to ensure a safe online environment is by using technology that can identify every threat in real-time, 24/7

Since 2019, Italiaonline has relied on GeoEdge’s always-on, real-time protection for all of its mobile inventory. The nature of mobile makes it a frequent target of attacks and scams. 

In 2020, Italiaonline experienced a large growth in traffic on its portals by desktop computers. Along with this expansion came increased risk. Several security bulletins reported an increase in fraud phenomena that aimed to hack users’ personal data. Italiaonline expanded its partnership with GeoEdge to include desktop protection to keep this new threat at bay. Protecting user experience and the advertising budgets of customers is a fundamental requirement for Italiaonline.

With GeoEdge, this ironclad commitment to integrity is made possible. Partnering with GeoEdge enables Italiaonline to remain securely on the path of brand safety.


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