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Maintaining High Video Ad Quality Standards At Algorix


AlgoriX is an independent global media and technology company serving adtech clients. The company is based in Singapore with local operations in the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, India, and China.

AlgoriX’s offerings cover three core products that serve the needs of publishers, buyers, and advertisers:

  • AlgoriX Exchange – a programmatic ad exchange that delivers monetization and advertising success
  • AlgoriX Studios – an app development and mobile games publishing arm
  • AlgoriX Entregar – helps advertisers acquire new customers and achieve high ROIs

AlgoriX’s partners and clients expect a clean pre-click and post-click experience with video ads free of malicious ads, auto-redirects, landing pages containing offensive or explicit content, and intrusive ads.

“GeoEdge is a well-known industry leader in combating ad quality challenges. Their solutions have helped us maintain a high ad quality standard and also bolster our publishers’ trust and confidence in AlgoriX as a company that’s just as committed to protecting them from bad quality and malicious ads.”
Frederic Liow

SVP, Revenue Growth & Strategy at AlgoriX


AlgoriX is committed to delivering high-quality products and solutions to its partners and ensuring that all videos work properly from an operational perspective. Complaints about video ad-related incidents were causing a major strain on the AlgoriX team. Specifically, AlgoriX received incident reports and complaints about auto-redirects, malware, prohibited ads, auto-play in-banner videos, CTV video, and empty/broken VAST issues which affected ad rendering. The potential fallout to AlgoriX’s reputation and the quality of its products and services was significant.

The ad quality problems AlgoriX faced could not be ignored. Just how pervasive was the problem?

  • Around 10% of AlgoriX’s video campaigns involved problematic videos, and non-operational videos led to 5-8% losses.
  • Before working with GeoEdge, the AlgoriX team spent 30-40% of their time reviewing and resolving ad quality issues daily.
  • Malicious creative was getting through based on the domain from which it originated.
  • Video ads such as political ads were also getting through, in violation of publishers’ creative guidelines.

The Solution

AlgoriX needed unbiased, third-party verification that could guarantee a fraud-free, clean marketplace. It needed verification for specific categories of ads and a user experience that remained undisturbed by intrusive ads. AlgoriX needed its ad creative quality issues to be detected, responded to, and remedied in a timely manner, through regular review.

AlgoriX turned to GeoEdge to handle its ad quality woes. GeoEdge’s solution resolved the ad-quality challenges that plagued AlgoriX and so many other companies in the industry. They helped raise ad quality standards, increasing user confidence regarding online ads served.

“At AlgoriX, we place the utmost importance on ensuring that our publishers’ users are protected from harmful ad experiences while continuing to drive significant revenues. Our partnership with GeoEdge demonstrates AlgoriX’s strong commitment to working with industry leaders in combating ad fraud from industry bad actors and to maintaining a protected and safe marketplace for our publishers. GeoEdge’s patented detection technology has helped us identify and prevent fraudulent ads like auto redirects, malware, and pop-ups from reaching our publishers and their users.”
Frederic Liow

SVP, Revenue Growth & Strategy at AlgoriX


  • At AlgoriX, the time spent reviewing and resolving ad quality issues has been cut down to 10% daily.
  • Algorix’s ability to handle its ad quality has become more manageable, involving fewer resources
  • GeoEdge allows AlgoriX to set and manage alerts that automate scanning and blocking.

Partnering with GeoEdge enabled AlgoriX to provide publishers with the reassurance they sought. With GeoEdge, AlgoriX can maintain a clean, fraud-free marketplace. AlgoriX, its users, and its publishers all benefit from its trusted partnership with GeoEdge.

By working together with GeoEdge:

  • AlgoriX’s programmatic advertising and monetization are free of the pre- and post-click ad quality violations that were once rampant.
  • Ads are screened effectively, protecting against intrusive or off-brand ads, no matter how publishers categorize them.
  • Auto-redirects, in-app banners and video, and CTV video no longer require tedious, constant manual detection and resolution.


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