Weekly Recap: Walking the Ad Quality Tightrope, App Revenue Update and Ad Spend Impact

Publishers Walk an Ad Quality Tightrope 

Publishers’ revenue crisis has quickly become an ad security and quality crisis.

In the face of legitimate, trustworthy ad buyers’ apprehension of spending at this time, publishers face real financial risks by blocking entire categories of ads by keyword.

This necessitates robust ad quality assurance. Keyword blocking is not sufficient.

The role of automation in ad security and QA may be more crucial now than it ever has. Bad actors have rarely seen the odds so much in their favor. So, publishers need to protect all of their inventory, and in real time, identifying and blocking threats as they arise and before they can disrupt users.

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Coronavirus Ad Spend Impact

The IAB recently surveyed approximately 400 buy-side decision makers about their advertising plans in the wake of the economic crisis:

  • 74% of media buyers, planners and brands say coronavirus will have “a bigger impact on advertising than the 2008 financial crisis.”
  • 70% of buyers have “already adjusted or paused their planned ad spend.”
  • 24% have paused all advertising spend for the remainder of Q1 and Q2, while 46% said they have “adjusted” their spend for the same time period.


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App Revenue Update

App revenue has continued to rise by another 7% amidst the prolonged coronavirus crisis according to Appsflyer, based on the weekly percentage of app installs and sessions across various countries.

However, the rise in app usage is starting to slow down increasing 28% since the first week.

  • Shopping app activity continued its upward trend with revenue rising 25% during the first four weeks.
  • Entertainment and streaming apps grew 10% since week six and 70% since week one.
  • Finance investment app revenues rose 15% and 30% since the first week, while casual and social casino game revenues increased 35%.


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