Weekly Recap: Publisher Priorities, Delisted Apps & Coronavirus Digital Impact

Direct Dominates

Where do programmatic, direct, and video ads fall on a publisher’s revenue scale?

Digiday’s survey spanning six months concluded that direct-sold advertising makes up 53% of a publisher’s revenue. Revealing that direct-sold advertising is their most significant source of revenue.

Programmatic ads accounted for 35% while video advertising accounted for 28%.

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Google Delists Hundreds

A total of 564 apps with around 3 billion downloads have been delisted from the Google Play Store for featuring disruptive ads.

Among the categories with the most apps removed was entertainment, personalization, games and tools.

While most apps did not have an associated location, Poland ranked highly, followed by the UK and then China.

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Coronavirus Impacts Digital Media

User engagement in online content is spiking! This week, publishers across the board are witnessing traffic like never before.

BuzzFeed noted they are “seeing traffic up double-digits across every metric, including unique visitors, new visitors, sessions and page views,” said Ken Blom, SVP of ad strategy and partnerships.

Insider Inc also revealed that they “have seen a huge surge of visits” according to the publisher and CRO Pete Spande.

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