Weekly Recap: New IAB Spec, Ad Spend & Trends in the Right Direction

Ad Spend Trending in the Right Direction

In April, total digital display ad spend in Europe was down 38% versus the prior year, according to IAB Europe chief economist Daniel Knapp. In May, spend was down between 25-28% from the prior year.

IAB Insights:

Knapp estimates that June spending will be down around 16% versus last year and that digital advertising in Europe will decline by 5.5% for the full year, versus 2019.

While programmatic spend is returning, direct deals have lagged behind.  The key issue with the first half of the year, according to Knapp, was a “supply crisis” — where many companies were forced to stop advertising because they had difficulty producing products and services and getting them into the hands of consumers.

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Video Ad Revenue Rebounding 

Since hitting bottom in April, publishers have seen video ad dollars rebound across Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube. And despite lockdowns easing- publishers have seen high viewership as CPMs have steadily risen– hinting at an upwards trend.

According to Digiday’s publisher partners, “RPMs and CPMs are on a steady trajectory up on most platforms– back to where they were in early March.”

In the last few months, publishers were pushed to increase their video volumes and lengths to boost views and watch time in order to counterbalance drops in ad prices.

With revenue trending up, publishers are shifting concerns to viewership dropping off. Looking towards the future, publishers are hopeful that an increase in ad dollars will offset a potential decline in viewership. As the election nears, the industry looks toward the future– with all eyes on political advertising.

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The IABs New Spec: CCPA Data Deletion Requests

IAB Tech Lab has released a new spec to address a core issue of data deletion.

California’s digital privacy law begins July 1– which gives internet users the right to request a publisher delete the data that has been collected on them. The publisher or vendor has 10 days to respond to confirm receipt of that request, and 45 days delete the data from the moment it received the request.

“A publisher who utilizes ad-tech vendors to be ‘service providers’ (as defined in the CCPA) can use the new spec to signal that a user exercised her right to deletion. This could easily come in the form of explanatory text and button hosted on a publisher page designed to handle those requests,” said Alex Cone, senior director of product management at IAB Tech Lab.

The spec also allows vendors that provide any service for a publisher a standard way to listen for deletion requests coming from that publisher’s webpage, Cone explained.


Moments That Matter 

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