Top Must-Sees for Publishers at MWC ’17

The Mobile World Conference in Barcelona is just around the corner! To help you zero in on the most important proceedings, I have compiled a list of the must see events for publishers.

Innovations in News, Media & Publishing / Mobile First and Localized Content:
Long-form, short-form, off-platform, user-generated and citizen journalism are all being embraced as part of news and content transformation. From Latin America to Africa and South East Asia, the need for relevant, localized content has never been greater. In this two part session, a range of companies will discuss how they are working on the delivery of video and content globally, from developed and developing markets.

The Power of Personalization:

This session will showcase innovative personalized experiences and cover how the industry can use content delivery methods to enable

best viewing experiences, bringing seamless delivery of video across a multitude of platforms.

Marketing and Analytics for Apps and Mobile Solutions:          

 This will be a crash course in mobile advertising to teach the measurements and marketing of apps and mobile-centric solutions.

Also to be discussed is the latest in VOIP, user account privacy solutions, and other technological advancements.

Consumer Advertising and the MNO:

It’s estimated that mobile operators can increase global data revenues by $47 billion by upselling using real-time customer context. Bringing together multiple data sets and applying sophisticated analytics can provide intelligent, contextually-aware offers. Hear the discussion around recent acquisitions demonstrating that operators are repositioning themselves.

Mobile VR:

This session will focus on how VR can transform the future of video, entertainment and user-generated content. You can learn what systems need to be built to approach consumers on their devices and how VR should be packaged and bundled with existing offers.


Content & Media Tour:
The desire to deliver timely and relevant content to users is important to telecoms and advertisers alike as they adapt their messaging strategies to our ever-changing connected world. The Content and Media Tour will showcase exhibitors who are delivering fast, high-quality user experiences across a vast array of locations, customers and devices.

Mobile Advertising & Apps Tour:
This tour is about showing you the companies who are enabling companies to perform market research to assess promotions stand up to the competition. You will also discover the latest in VOIP, user account privacy solutions, and other technological marvels that help businesses and users do everyday tasks better and more efficiently.


Advanced Mobile Ad Security & Verification with GeoEdge:
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Eliana is a marketing strategist with a passion for technology and storytelling. Eliana’s work has been featured in places like Slashdot, the RSA conference, and Facebook’s PyTorch publications. You can find more about Eliana on Linkedin.

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