Optimizing User Experience Playbook

The growth of problematic video ads—many on autoplay—is a chief reason Internet users are embracing ad blockers. In addition, video advertising has proven a handy medium for delivering malware, and there’s a growing trend of phishing attacks.

It’s clear that the digital video space is undergoing some rough growing pains as it matures, and publishers that aim to keep driving revenue from video advertising need strategies for optimizing and evaluating performance—both for the advertiser and the end-user.


That’s why we worked with the AdMonsters to produce a playbook on User Experience: Optimizing Video Advertising — to look at numerous factors affecting user experience, including formats, security concerns, and latency. The playbook also dives into best practices for evaluating various pieces of video technology including the player and the ad server. Click here to get to the playbook.


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Eliana is a marketing strategist with a passion for technology and storytelling. Eliana’s work has been featured in places like Slashdot, the RSA conference, and Facebook’s PyTorch publications. You can find more about Eliana on Linkedin.

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