Real-Time Blocking Defends Against Malicious Actors

18 hours after blocking malicious ad attacks, GeoEdge’s publisher clients experienced a 70-80% reduction in malicious ad campaigns according to company reports

With the growth of malicious ads on publisher sites and apps increasing five-fold over the past seven years according to industry data, GeoEdge, the premier provider of ad security and verification solutions for the digital advertising ecosystem, has upgraded its User Protection Service to include Real-time Blocking.

The addition of Real-time Blocking is the latest in a series of enhancements to GeoEdge’s malvertising protection and ad quality monitoring services, enabling publishers and other supply-side partners to benefit from malware-free ads and a safe experience.

Defend Your Site Against Malicious Actors 

According to research from GeoEdge, prevention works when fighting malicious ads. GeoEdge’s researchers found that 18 hours after blocking malicious ad attacks using GeoEdge’s User Protection, publisher websites experienced a 70-80% reduction in malicious ads as these malicious actors moved on to other publishers who lacked real-time malvertising protection / ad quality solutions.

GeoEdge’s Real-Time Blocking for Publishers monitors every impression, eliminating nefarious ads in real-time before the impression is served to the user.

As an addition to GeoEdge’s malvertising protection and ad quality monitoring service, it provides publishers with peace of mind as they know that every malicious impression has been blocked and been vetted safe by the company’s real-time technology.

As offending ads are blocked, safe ads are served automatically and immediately. Publisher ad operations are also notified, although they no longer need to manually handle each ad security threat.

By blocking malicious and low quality ads, including auto-redirects, before they are served, GeoEdge prevents these type of ads from having any impact on the user, ensuring a clean, safe and engaging user experience for publishers’ visitors.

GeoEdge’s Real-Timing Blocking for Publishers addresses the ad safety challenges in the current digital advertising eco-system with advanced technology that:

Blocks campaigns with malicious and bad ads at the pre-impression level so that the user is never exposed to malicious adsEliminates time spent by Ad Ops when handling ad security threatsAutomatically replaces blocked ads with clean and safe ads to ensure that publishers generate revenue from every impression

“As our research proves, this upgrade of Real-time Blocking for Publishers enables our publishers to go from playing defense to playing offense,” said Amnon Siev, CEO and founder of GeoEdge. “Our company’s leading malicious ad detection solution ensures that malicious and other offensive ads are blocked in real-time, at the pre-impression level, before they have any impact on the user. This gives ad ops the ability to focus on improving operations instead of processing malicious ads.

”GeoEdge enables the supply side to focus on publishing. It handles malicious and unsafe advertising so that publishers and supply-side clients can focus on optimizing their advertiser campaigns and provide better and more effective relations with their clients in the time saved. GeoEdge enabled clients to find a 90% reduction in complaints through the elimination of video ads with sound autoplay and gain full transparency and visibility of their entire ad inventory beyond the blocked malicious ads enabling better management of each partner’s brand safety needs.

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Malvertising, the practice of sprinkling malicious code into legitimate-looking ads is growing more sophisticated. GeoEdge’s holistic ad quality solution has you covered.


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