GeoEdge Partners with kidSAFE Seal Program to Help Ensure User Privacy & Security for Children Online

GeoEdge has began working with kidSAFE, a global online safety certification service and seal-of-approval program designed exclusively for children-friendly websites and technologies.
kidSAFE is one of the leading providers of COPPA auditing and certification services, helping to make sure that children’s websites, technologies, and interactive services are compliant and secure for children to use and parents to monitor.


kidSAFE approached GeoEdge to enable them to monitor their clients’ compliance with best practices for advertising content, cookie mechanisms, and security.

The need for safe and clean user experiences is increasingly important for kids’ publishers, who are constantly looking for ways to monetize their digital properties with advertising, but are fearful of the unknown when it comes to ads served by third party networks.

GeoEdge is committed to a clean, safe and engaging user experience – especially for children.

“While kids’ publishers, online and in mobile, are craving opportunities to make more money from ad revenue, the COPPA restrictions and the unpredictable nature of ad content make this challenging,” says Shai Samet, Founder and President of kidSAFE. “We are excited to be able to leverage the technology of GeoEdge to make our certification program and oversight mechanisms stronger and more automated.”

Stronger Together

With GeoEdge by their side, kidSAFE and their members will drastically improve their review and remediation processes.

Potential threats will be identified and reported.

GeoEdge technology mimics the appropriate user characteristics to detect non-compliant or untrustworthy campaigns. GeoEdge then pinpoints the exact source of the bad campaigns and presents actionable insights for quick, assertive action.

Team Work

By working together, GeoEdge and kidSAFE plan to bring newfound confidence to the industry. This way, children’s publishers can launch third-party ad campaigns while knowing there is a watchful eye over the ad content, linked sites, and security vulnerabilities.

There has never been a more important time to protect children from the threats that exist online,” says Amnon Siev, CEO of GeoEdge. “By partnering with kidSAFE, we are taking children’s protection online to the next level. As a parent myself, I must say that makes me proud to do what I do.”

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