GeoEdge Moves To Real-Time Blocking

I’m excited to share some groundbreaking news that’s going to change how you protect your users and their user experience: Our much-anticipated Real-Time Blocking capability for publishers is officially ready to roll!

As a publisher, you know how important it is to ensure that your users have a clean, safe, and engaging user experience.

At GeoEdge, we have spent the better part of the decade making that goal a reality.


Now, with our Real-Time Blocking feature and in addition to our renowned security detection, you can rest assured that every impression has been declared safe so that your users are getting the premium experience they expect and deserve.


Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work perfecting our Real-Time Blocking with a group of amazing publisher and we’re thrilled to release this functionality to all our publishers.


Together with our proven and trusted detection capabilities, you can now ensure your users are always protected.


With our Real-Time Blocking, bad and malicious ads are blocked before they have any impact on your audience, ending hours wasted handling security threats and quality issues so you can spend your time and resources on your core business.

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Tobias is an experienced marketing leader and Chief Business Officer at GeoEdge. He believes success in business is fueuled by a passion for the product and purposeful messaging. Connect with Tobias on Linkedin to discuss strategic business development.

Malvertising, the practice of sprinkling malicious code into legitimate-looking ads is growing more sophisticated. GeoEdge’s holistic ad quality solution has you covered.


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