Demxco 2016, Here We Come

It was 2008, my boss told me that we were attending a show in Germany called OMD (now known as Dmexco). Back then, I worked as an International Sales Manager for a well-known Ad Network. This trip would be my first one in the digital industry in Germany. Who knew this would become one of the powerful shows in the digital arena?

DMexco, then called OMD, started out localized to the German market, but it has since expanded to one of the most globally recognized shows in the industry. Each subsequent year it grows more and more: from Dusseldorf to Koln; from three halls to eight; from 380 exhibitors to more than 4,000; from 20,000 visitors to more than 43,300.

At DMexco, you find industry professionals from all over the globe, and from every niche/aspect in the industry. From CEOs to Junior Sales Representatives, the halls are filled with amazing energy and people eager to meet new prospects and reconnect with old ones. One thing is for certain – everyone is there to do business.

I’m looking forward to see what’s in store for Dmexco 2016 this year… will I see you there?

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We scan, identify and stop all ads with malware, ads with latency, and offensive ads, among many others. Come visit me at the GeoEdge Booth Hall-7, booth E-009 so I can explain more about our breakthrough technologies.

Write me,I’d love to tell you all about it!
Michal is an experienced and versatile customer marketer, passionate about understanding people and building awareness about how our products/services satisfy their business needs. You can find her on Linkedin to discuss her approach to strengthening client relationships.

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