Ad Quality, On-Page and Beyond: Product Update

Data-Driven Ad Quality 

Being in control over your ad stack is key to optimizing your revenue. This quarter, we’ve added new features and perfected existing ones to help our customers make the most out of their ad stack.

Our goal was to encourage our customers to increase their efficiency, improve their access to insightful data, and look beyond malvertising.

Ad Quality, On-Page and Beyond 

At GeoEdge, we help our customers align their ad content with their overall content strategy, both pre and post click. We empower you to define, block and monitor undesired ad content – by keyword, by domain, and based on pre-specified content verticals.

As part of GeoEdge’s full suite of ad quality solutions, we’ve added a new incident – “By Keyword”.  This powerful new tool allows users to better manage ad and landing page content based on specific keywords.

This solution stems from our dedicated ad content management capabilities, offering greater granularity than “Ad Verticals” and complementing our features, such as “my blocked domains” option.

Detection by keyword allows users to detect, block and/or whitelist ads and LPs. Users can manage these based on specific strings of text. The new incident type enables users to assure the content of the ads in their domain, based on their preferences and in multiple languages.

Among the most popular keywords used were: Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Trump.

We want to ensure that you have full control over your ad stack and your entire site’s content. Therefore, additionally, we’ve added the following new content verticals:

  • Crypto
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Elections(beta)

The new verticals are the result of feedback from our customers and will be followed by additional verticals, including fully customizable ones, down the road.

Data is the New King 

While content is the king, the newly crowned king of the industry is Data. We’ve added more and more data, insightful statistics and benchmarking options – allowing our users to measure themselves both internally and compared to the industry.

We’ve improved the accessibility of your data:

  • GeoEdge’s UI – offer better access to your data, including Landing Page visibility.
  • Integration tester – enable you to make sure quickly and easily whether new domains are effectively protected.
  • You’ve got mail-We make sure that critical data is brought to you, through our new executive summary bi-weekly emails. So far, 25% of our customers have joined the executive email service.

Our goal is to highlight what’s important to you and improve the efficiency of your workflow. Our recently launched demand notifications (BETA) lets you share relevant data with your partners.

We work for you by notifying pre-defined demand partners of incidents originating from their end. This saves you time and resources while improving the relationship with your demand partners as you communicate proactively and tackle problems together.

Stay tuned for an insightful client how-to webinar towards the end of July, presenting best practices for making the most out of our demand notifications (BETA).

Michal is an experienced and versatile customer marketer, passionate about understanding people and building awareness about how our products/services satisfy their business needs. You can find her on Linkedin to discuss her approach to strengthening client relationships.

Malvertising, the practice of sprinkling malicious code into legitimate-looking ads is growing more sophisticated. GeoEdge’s holistic ad quality solution has you covered.


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