Ad Ops: Top 10 Tools Publishers Need in 2020

What Are The Top 10 Must-Use Ad Ops Tools For Publishers?
Its Time For Publishers To Take Back Control!
We’ll cut straight to the chase…



1. Pangeo –  Premium VPN Proxy

Pangeo helps publishers improve their testing processes, save valuable time and money, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their users’ data and privacy are being protected. Pangeo provides all the testing tools and features required to thoroughly QA and validates geo-targeted content and ads, in a single, secure proxy testing environment. Select a location and see any website as it is seen locally, in more than 300 global locations and as served within 71 mobile carriers, in real-time.


2. HeaderBid Expert

Headerbid expert is a chrome extension tool that detects and measures header bidding partner bid responses. This tool is used to expedite operational performance, providing direct access to programmatic bidders and helps to neutralize latency.  HeaderBid Expert increases revenue for publishers, by helping publishers understand if they have been under-monetized or are suffering from potential impression loss.


3. Taboola

Taboola is a leading content discovery platform, providing insight into what’s relevant, interesting and new to a publisher’s audience. The result is new engagement and monetization opportunities. Taboola helps engage users and keep them coming back while maximizing time on site, pages per session and user satisfaction.  


4. GeoEdge – Protecting Publishers

GeoEdge’s prime focus is to protect publishers’ audiences from malicious and bad ads in the programmatic ecosystem. We monitor your ad inventory 24/7 to detect and block any malicious activity and quality issues in real-time, long before any damage can occur. Only clean ads are served and your users are never exposed to security or quality threats!



5. Ezoic

Ezoic is a platform that allows digital publishers to streamline and automate the optimization of their ads, layouts, infrastructure, and more. Ezoic leverages machine learning to better understand website visitor behavior. Publishers use Ezoic to manage website performance and capitalize on opportunities to grow traffic and revenue!



6. The IAB 

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is well known for thought leadership and forward-thinking initiatives. The bureau’s website has an informative knowledge center providing as well as updated industry standards and guidelines.  



7. GeoEdge Tools- Calculator

Geoedge provides incredibly simple yet valuable tools and calculators for ad ops professionals. Their calculators include CPM, CTR, eCPC. 


8. Adservice

Adservice forges connections between international brands with the most relevant publishers to reach the most fitting potential customers. Adservice has incredibly strong knowledge about the markets in many European countries, helping publishers promote campaigns that are relevant to their sites specific audiences.


9. Adops Community on Reddit

The Adops subreddit is an active, engaging and online community with over 14,000 subscribers from all walks of ad tech. The community holds vital information about specific vendors, strategies, technical questions and seeks career advice. This community provides publishers with the best insight into the Adtech industry!


10. AdOps Slack Channel

The Adops slack channel allows publishers to chat in real-time with ad ops/ad tech professionals from a variety of companies, countries and positions. The vast variety of channels caters to all of the hot topics like #headerbidding, #careerhelp, and #DFP.


The Right Ad Ops Tools Are a Must For Publishers! 

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Alisha is a Technology Writer and Marketing Manager at GeoEdge. Her writing focuses on current events in the AdTech ecosystem and cyberattacks served through the digital advertising supply chain. You can find Alisha on LinkedIn to discuss brand building and happenings in AdTech.

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