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Video Ad Protection

GeoEdge’s Video Ad Verification provides crystal-clear control and transparency over video ads. Whether in VAST, VPAID or any of its companion HTML5 ads, GeoEdge prevents unwanted autoplay sound, video ad latency, missing media files, auto-scroll, etc. You will not have to worry about poor ad quality or take any risks in video ad security.

With so many ads served through programmatic channels, GeoEdge ensures that they are clean and user-safe. With GeoEdge, you receive comprehensive and automated quality assurance, revenue protection and a superior user experience.

Stop Autoplay

When sound starts playing without any interaction, it’s terrible for the user and for your brand. GeoEdge automatically identifies video ads, VAST or VPAID, that have autoplay sound enabled and instantly provides you with the information you need to stop the campaign and prevent a future occurrence.

Latent Ads

There are many kinds of operationally low-quality ads that can negatively impact your site. One of the most annoying is the latent ad, which slows down your site, seriously affecting the user’s experience. Utilizing GeoEdge’s media scanner for HTML5 and rich media enables you to scan for slow ads among many other operational ad quality issues. Each time an operational issue arises, you instantly receive a notification with the problematic ad, demand partner and clear instructions on how to block it.

Enforce Video Ad Compliance

Video Ad
Malware Detection

GeoEdge takes the video ad verification process a step further by scanning VAST and VPAID video ads for any type of video ad malware or other malicious codes. We scan the super-VAST tree for all the VAST/VPAID requests. This way you know if specific demand partners are making a lot of requests, slowing down your site or mobile app. We also provide a full pixel scan for all the possible security threats. If there was malware in one of the possible responses, you are notified. This way you can proactively prevent video ad malware in future ad calls.

GeoEdge knows the insertion techniques used in video ad malvertising and we know how the video ad player and/or video file is involved in the malvertising attack. We provide premier video ad security, ensuring users remain safe and protected when interacting with your digital property, on mobile and desktop.

Protect Your

You know when advertisers try to sneak video ads into banner ads? IBV phenomenon means they pay you for the display ad and not the video ad. GeoEdge’s Video Ad Verification solution is beneficial for not only your operational processes, but for ‎campaign monetization. ‎We pinpoint any campaigns that go against policy and enable you to put an end to them.

With GeoEdge, there is no more missed revenue. Your premium video ad revenue remains secure.

Video Ad Quality

Quality assurance and compliance can be difficult to keep up with as the world of video ads continues to develop. Video ad protocols like VAST and VPAID get updated and there are new technologies developing all the time. GeoEdge maintains optimal operational performance and fully supports the IAB to make sure that your site is not slowed down by poor video ad quality, for example, video ad latency due to slow VAST or VPAID loading times.

GeoEdge continuously ensures your entire video ad inventory complies with the IAB VAST ‎ad guidelines, specifications and best practices.


GeoEdge’s video ad verification platform can easily integrate with your ongoing validation workflow. From user-friendly UI or custom-made API to full-blown integration into your ad server with GeoEdge, you will receive step-by-step guidance and integration will always remain hassle-free.

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