Preventing bad ads is a challenge for publishers and platforms of all sizes and verticals. It’s an issue that hits publishers where it hurts most: audience trust in their brand. Nearly 46% of publishers surveyed report that poor ad quality significantly affects the lifetime value of their visitors. To understand the impact of bad ads, we surveyed dozens of publishers across sectors of the publishing industry to assess the existing challenges they face, in terms of brand suitable ads, and the future they envision for their digital properties. Despite these challenges, publishers view advertising as a means to sharpen their brand image within their sectors, with their readers, and advertisers they’d like to attract to the properties. This bodes well for the industry as a whole. 60% of publishers say ad quality differentiates their brand within their sectors and 80% say brand suitability increases reader/ user trust in a site.

of publishers reported revenue has been impacted by ad quality challenges

of publisher’s reported user experience has been impacted by poor ad quality

Ad Quality Priorities in the Next Year and a Half

Finally, we wanted to get a sense of which ad quality issues will be a
top priority over the next year and a half. Here’s what we heard:
Ads that users perceive as disruptive (auto-sound, screen takeover)
Clickbait, deceptive and misleading advertising
Irrelevant ads (advertising that doesn’t appeal to users)
Sensitive and inflammatory ads
Offensive and explicit content

How Bad Ads impact user engagement

Prompts users to spend less time on site
Diminishes trust in our brand
Discourages return visits
Significantly affects lifetime of audiences

How publishers view their current ad quality tools

My ad quality tools have the necessary amount of control and transparency
I need more control and transparency with my ad quality tools

Don’t Know

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Ad quality forecast: The main challenges for 2022

Poor contextual matching
rand safety and suitability
Offensive ads (explicit, violent, etc.)
Deceptive ads (fake news, misleading links, etc.)
Heavy pages or CPU issues that impair ad load and viewability

In-App Ad Quality

GeoEdge surveyed app-publishers for insight into how they
balance ad quality and revenue- Here’s what they had to say:


All respondent’s report Bad Ads have appeared within their apps


Said bad ads led to negative reviews in the App Store


Reported bad ads prompted users to uninstall their apps

Said poor ad quality causes users to quit playing the game

Say they have some or little control over ads

Report poor ad quality diminishes the user experience

Claim ad quality affects brand suitability


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