Secure the Digital Retail Experience With Engaging Ads

Eliminate brand risks and threats posed by programmatic advertising. GeoEdge provides retailers with complete control over the ads displayed to consumers.

Secure Your Digital Ecosystem: Combat Malvertising & Protect First-Party Data

Defend against malvertising with real-time blocking or API Scanning for 3rd-party tags and landing pages, enforcing user security. Safeguard first-party data by eliminating data leakage during programmatic auctions.

Gain Full Programmatic Visibility

Ensure total transparency across your inventory, filtering out unwanted ads and advertisers to strengthen brand integrity.

Prevent Competitors From Stepping Onto Your Territory & Stop Brand Infringement

Enforce a competitor-free zone across digital properties by blocking competitor ads, reinforce brand identity, and maintain an exclusive space for customer engagement. Eliminate deceptive advertisers, prevent infringement risks, and maintain consumer trust.

Control Programmatic Advertising, Secure The Shopper Experience

Built for Retailers, GeoEdge ensure engaging ad experiences, brand protection, and data-driven decision-making.