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Controlling ad quality is a challenge for platforms of all types and sizes. Today, platforms are no longer regarded as technology solutions alone. Instead, they are expected to search for differentiation factors to better compete in the market and face a growing demand for transparency and liability from both the buy and sell side. Ultimately, platforms need to take full responsibility over the ads they serve. Whether they serve ads directly to publishers or to other platforms, they are constantly evaluated based on their performance and ad quality. Platforms can’t risk losing a supply partner due to uncontrolled security, privacy, or quality issues. GeoEdge enables you to control ad quality and keep your partnerships strong.

Security & Privacy

Defend against all types of privacy risks and malvertising, whether injected through the creative or the landing page.

User Experience

Filter out low-quality ads. Ensure ads with the right content reach the right partners.

Operational Issues

Detect off-spec ads such as those with load time issues, heavy ads, broken links, SSL violations, and more, to avoid impacting your score.

Video issues

Automatically detect video-related issues – security, content and operational issues designed to meet the needs of CTV platforms.

Operating Modes:

Ongoing Demand Verification

Many platforms use GeoEdge’s ongoing demand scanning module to qualify and monitor their programmatic demand partners. Best practices recommend applying a high level of scanning throughout a new partner’s onboarding stage, later adjusting the scanning level as needed.

Campaign Pre-Validation

Native advertising platforms and platforms using the self-serve option integrate GeoEdge’s detection with our API to run automated pre-validation checks before they give their approval for a campaign to go live. Pre-validation can be used to detect phishing scams, content violations, operational mismatches, and can be combined with on-going landing page scans to prevent cloaking at a later stage.

Real-Time Protection

Premium supply partners are a platform’s prime asset. As such, a platform can’t afford to make any mistakes with these partners. In these cases, GeoEdge offers its Real-Time proactive protection. Real-time protection checks every creative served on the client side pre-impression, proactively filtering out any bad ads before users can be impacted. It also notifies platforms so the creative will no longer be served.



Multi-Layered Detection Engine with Zero-Day Capabilities

Our team of security researchers constantly hunts for bad actors who try to conceal their activity and evade detection. GeoEdge’s Detection Engine consists of multiple layers, allowing it to root out malicious actors and problematic content. Each layer identifies different aspects of the attackers’ activity, from cloaking detection mechanisms to extensive landing page analysis and proprietary content classification methodologies. While each layer performs as a stand-alone unit, our algorithms match data points across layers to form our single forensic insight.

The Multi-Layer approach ensures that GeoEdge will detect even the most sophisticated and well-hidden attacks. It ensures that no zero-day attacks or inappropriate content slips through, potentially harming your reputation with the supply partners.

Accurate Pinpoint Detection Protects Your Integrity

Malvertisers exploit AdTech’s infrastructure and supply chain to conceal their activity. When a scam is detected, traditional ad security solutions often block the entire channel, which in turn blocks safe ads and advertisers. GeoEdge’s Pinpoint Detection goes a step further to identify all bad creatives associated with a scam. Only malicious ads are blocked, allowing the channel to stay active and continue serving clean ads.

Keeping valuable demand partners on your side is critical to your business. Our pinpoint detection ensures you will not over-block for no reason. We provide evidence as to why creatives are blocked, helping you protect your relationship with your partners.

Set Your Own Rules, Define Your Own Blocking Conditions

Each publisher and platform has unique requirements and definitions as to which ads are accepted and which are not. The demand for policy flexibility is ever-increasing, and platforms must be able to apply different rules under different conditions. With GeoEdge, you can set specific rules and parameters for detection based on brands, advertisers, images, keywords, and more. You can define multiple technical thresholds and apply them all based on specific rules and conditions you define.

Our policy flexibility tools enable you to granularly control ad content. They allow you to comply with the specific requirements of different supply partners and publishers, providing refined service and giving you a competitive edge.

Web, In-App, Native, CTV: We’ve Got You Covered Everywhere

Platforms expand their portfolio to support multiple types of inventory. As the industry progresses, we see growth in In-App and CTV advertising, bringing unique ad quality challenges to publishers and platforms alike. GeoEdge’s solutions are designed to support the special needs of platforms across all types of inventory. We’ve developed special detection capabilities to match the unique issues related to Native, In-App and CTV.

The ability to serve ads across multiple inventory types is a strategic business decision taken by many platforms these days. Our versatile support enables them to execute their strategy, no matter the type of ads they serve.

Make GeoEdge’s Protection an Integral Part of Your Service with Our APIs

AdTech is all about automation, data availability, and transparency. GeoEdge comes with a set of APIs and integration tools that make our detection an integral part of your ad serving flow. Additionally, we provide reporting API and automatic sharing tools to merge data directly from our system to your dashboards and partner-facing interfaces.

By integrating our detection and reporting into your services, you will not only save time, you’ll also provide integrity and transparency to your partners regarding the ad quality of your platform.


We believe it’s not enough to have a powerful detection engine and a vast network of publishers and platforms. You need a partner you can trust who will have your back even when things go south. GeoEdge assigns our partners a dedicated success manager who will proactively make sure you’re getting the most out of your account. We pledge to provide the best protection and data for you, as well as for your team and your users.