New GeoEdge initiative for LMA members

Special COVID-19 Promotion

As a long-standing member of the LMA community, GeoEdge recognizes that as our world is reshaping in real-time, many of the local publisher members are struggling.

With more publishers embracing programmatic advertising, our mission is to uplift and encourage local publishers to optimize their ad revenue without agonizing over security and quality risks.

In that spirit, we are proud to provide our premier solution to LMA publishers at no cost or commitment, to fight against malicious and low-quality ads until the end of the year (up to 80M ad impressions per month).

The hope is that this opportunity will support you as a publisher and ease the burdens you face during these trying times.

More Than a Vendor — Your Partner for Ad Quality & Security

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As a result of deploying GeoEdge’s real-time solution, Evolve Media saw a reduction in instances of malicious activity on its sites by 80%-90%.
Veronica Gilton

Chief Technology Officer  I  Evolve Media


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Eliminate Malvertising and Ad Quality Threats