GAIN Seal Program

The GAIN Seal Program is a seal-of-approval program designed exclusively for safe digital advertising environments, including websites and technologies, online game sites, educational services, mobile apps, and other similar online services. The designated safe advertising environments have GeoEdge’s security protection and controls in place to block dangerous and low-quality advertisements from reaching consumers, ensuring a high-quality user experience.
With a membership in our program, members meet the GAIN safety standards for ad quality and security and are awarded our seal for display on their website, mobile app, or technology. Seal-bearding members demonstrate their ongoing commitment to ad quality by implementing GeoEdge’s real-time monitoring technology to guard their ad inventory against malicious, deceptive, low-quality, and offensive advertisements. They are added to a distinguished list committed to providing users with clean and safe user experience.
If you are a user or digital business interested in learning more about our program guidelines and/or applying to become a member of our program, please contact us.