Program Terms The GAIN Seal is an important step towards a cleaner ecosystem. We encourage companies that carry the GAIN Seal to join GAIN (GeoEdge Ad Integrity Network). GAIN is an alliance of publishers and platforms dedicated to making the digital ecosystem safer, to learn more visit GAIN.

Any publisher or advertising platform whose website, mobile app, or technology displays a GAIN Seal has demonstrated that it’s seal-bearing site complies with the GAINSeal guidelines. To qualify for the GAIN Seal, the site or service being reviewed must be compliant with our Basic Guidelines, as illustrated below.

  • Pledge of an ongoing commitment to the removal of all malicious, deceptive, and low-quality advertising
  • Implementation of GeoEdges technology to protect 100% of the business’s ad inventory
  • Audience appropriate ad content in accordance with the brand
  • Commitment to addressing all safety and security-related user complaints in a timely and satisfactory manner

The members site may not engage in any of the following advertising practices:

  • Security violations, including the dissemination of malicious code (such as software that is not transparent about its purpose, changes user settings without informed consent, or is not easily deinstalled), the use of pop-ups or fake system warnings, phishing, or other practices designed to harm users, computers, or software;
  • Violation of any applicable law, including copyright infringement, trademark violations, sale or promotion of counterfeit goods, sale of unlawful goods;
  • Deception of users, including deceptive or frustrating navigation, bait and switch advertising, deceptive or unclear claims, or other practices that mislead consumers

If you are a digital business interested in applying to become a member in our program, please fill out this form: