Stop demand partners’ ad latency from impacting your revenue

Increase measured impressions

Increase measured impressions

Increase measured impressions

GeoEdge helps publishers maximize their ad revenue by removing advertisers who negatively impact ad impressions, viewability scores, and Core Web Vitals scores.
Any delay in serving ads has a critical impact on your revenue. Don’t let your demand partner’s problem become yours

Ad latency affects impressions

of added delay decreases impressions by 1.1% for mobile traffic and 1.9% for desktop traffic. Google
The longer it takes for an ad to load on a page, the less likely it is to be viewed and interacted with.

Ad latency lowers viewability

An ad is considered viewable if at least
of it is visible for1+ second or a display ad, or 2+ secondsfor a video ad.Media Council Rating
Delays in response time lower your viewability score and decrease what advertisers are willing to pay for your inventory.

Ad latency hurts your Core Web Vitals score

of publishers are impacted by low Core Web Vitals scores. Google
Ad load time impacts your website’s Core Web Vitals score, as well as the volume of organic traffic that Google’s search engine refers to your site.

Assembly revealed GeoEdge had an 8% lower impact on ad load speed.

Get the tools you need to ensure the fastest ad serving for your audience.

Easily identify which demand partners are slowing you down. GeoEdge monitors all the ads served by your demand partners for security and quality, including their ad response times – from the moment the creative tag is placed on the page to the point the ad is rendered. Review each demand partner’s latency and compare it to all other partners to optimize your revenue stream.

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