Publisher Protection

How Gimme More Identifies The SSP Responsible For Problematic Ads

Stopped receiving users’ complaints.

Improved its site metrics.

Improved its users’ safety and overall experience

In A Nutshell

GimmeMore is a free online quiz product that provides millions of users from around the world with entertaining content they can actively engage with. The company prides itself on a fun and straightforward on-site experience, providing users of all ages with hours of trivia and educational fun. All company revenue is currently generated through 3rd party advertising, enabling GimmeMore to sustain itself at no cost to its end users. When users’ complaints of a poor on-site experience began rolling in however, the company understood their user’s product experience and therefore their earnings were at risk.
“We can now quantify advertising attacks and decide where the line is in terms of acceptable or unacceptable advertising content. GeoEdge gives us a level of control in this area which we didn’t have before.”
Cormac O’Nolan

Managing Director, GimmeMore

The search is on: A real-time blocking solution

To date, GimmeMore had handled all their marketing and tech needs in-house. When it came to a malvertising protection solution however, the company understood it would be far more cost efficient to purchase an external solution and integrate it into their backend, rather than develop their own.

As such, GimmeMore sought an ad security solution that met the following criteria:

  1. Easy installation within their native software
  2. A single platform to provide coverage for all company ad servers
  3. Real-time blocking to pre-emptively protect the users’ experience
“For us ads are extremely important. They generate the revenue that allow us to run the business and further develop the free and positive product experience that keeps our users happy, but it’s very important that they don’t get in the way of this positive experience”
Cormac O’Nolan

Managing Director, GimmeMore

The solution: GeoEdge real-time ad blocking

GeoEdge’s implementation was quick and easy.

The ad security software now blocks poor quality ads, fraudulent redirects and helps them block third-party advertising payment scams. What’s more, using GeoEdge’s dashboard, GimmeMore can identify the SSP from which problem ads stem, and apply that knowledge to make better business decisions. Within just a couple of days of launching a new supply-side platform, GimmeMore is now able to view how many ads have been blocked and assess whether that SSP is a qualitative business partner they’d like to continue working with.

The Result: Gimmemore user’s quality experience is restored

GimmeMore can now rest assured their users are enjoying the entertaining, safe user experience the company promises to provide. Since implementing GeoEdge, GimmeMore has experienced a marked decrease in user complaints and an improved reach for their content without endangering user experiences It’s a win-win situation. GimmeMore users can once again enjoy a clean environment when engaging with the site’s spelling bees, trivia questions and quiz products, while GimmeMore’s revenue stream remains intact.


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