Publisher Protection

Adtelligent's Efficient Demand Partner Validation

A 10 point increase in Net Promoter Score.

Adtelligent’s customers are 10 percentage points more likely to recommend Adtelligent since it started working with GeoEdge.

Quicker verification times.

It used to take Adtelligent 14 days to vet and verify a new advertiser demand partner. Now it takes three.

Better service, higher revenue.

Working with GeoEdge freed up Adtelligent to provide more hands-on service to its clients, increasing revenue for its customers and for the company itself.


Adtelligent is a New York-based advertising technology company, specializing in sell-side solutions for publishers. Adtelligent is a full-stack ad tech provider, meaning it offers all the tools a publisher needs to maximize advertising revenue — ad exchange integration, an SSP, a DSP, and header bidding capabilities, to name just a few. Providing a large, diverse array of advertiser demand helps ensure publishers receive top dollar for their ad inventory and achieve the highest possible revenue. But not every advertiser has good intentions. Some of them deliver spammy, low-quality ads. Others advertise products and services that publishers don’t want to be associated with — or even worse, they deliver ads that are fraudulent or contain malware. To help vet its ad demand partners, Adtelligent turned to GeoEdge.
“Our business is dependent on our ability to deliver quality advertising to our partners. GeoEdge gives us the confidence to deliver on that commitment.”
Ivan Liashok
Head of Product, Header Bidding, Adtelligent

The problem

Adtelligent’s business model relies on sourcing ads from a wide collection of demand partners and delivering reliable, high-quality advertising to its publisher clients. Problem is, quantity sometimes comes at the expense of quality. It’s nearly impossible for Adtelligent to vet all of the demand sources buying ads through its various platforms, leaving publishers susceptible to serving up low-quality and potentially even malicious ads. Allowing these ads would hurt Adtelligent’s reputation and the company’s good standing with clients — and bad ads mean less revenue for all parties involved. Adtelligent needed a more efficient, streamlined way to verify the partners in its network for quality and authenticity. It also needed a solution that worked in real-time, because new bad actors can pop up at any moment.
“GeoEdge protection shows our partners we’re committed to delivering quality demand at scale. This partnership helps us achieve new business and strengthens ourexisting relationships.”
Ivan Liashok
Head of Product, Header Bidding, Adtelligent

The solution

Adtelligent partnered with GeoEdge to help monitor its network of sell-side solutions. GeoEdge’s verification system automatically flagged malicious and low-quality, ensuring that no bad ads were served through Adtelligent’s network. GeoEdge also worked in real-time, giving Adtelligent the round-the-clock monitoring it needed and freeing up company’s employees to work more closely with its clients and further increase their advertising revenue.

The result

Adtelligent’s Net Promoter Score, which measures how willing a customer is to recommend a given product, increased by 10 points in the months immediately after partnering with GeoEdge. The GeoEdge partnership also saved Adtelligent time and manpower. Prior to working with GeoEdge, it typically took Adtelligent 14 days to vet and validate a new demand partner. With GeoEdge, verification is supercharged. Best of all, GeoEdge helped Adtelligent to improve the relationship with its clients. By not having to focus on ad quality issues, Adtelligent could provide more attentive service and forge deeper affiliations with clients. That enhanced level of service helped Adtelligent deliver even higher ad revenues for its clients, while also increasing its own revenue.
“With so many quality concerns, you need to be vigilant at all times. GeoEdge helped us solve an industry-wide problem by protecting our network around-the-clock.”
Ivan Liashok
Head of Product, Header Bidding, Adtelligent


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