Choosing an Ad Quality Partner

How to Choose the Right Ad Quality Partner

The varieties of malicious, deceptive, inappropriate, and brand-unsafe ads in the digital advertising ecosystem are vast and every digital business has their own ad quality threshold. By keeping your users safe from harm, inappropriate messaging, and bad user experience, you lighten the load on your own team. GeoEdge promises more than just technology. GeoEdge promises true partnership. Here’s what you need to know about us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • GeoEdge offers protection for all of your inventory, programmatic and direct-sold.
  • Cross-device, cross-platform protection on all major formats, including display, video, in-app and native.
  • GeoEdge offers real-time protection for ad security and ad quality control to ensure users are served clean and engaging ads.
  • Implementing our code doesn’t require dev resources or heavy lifting. GeoEdge’s lean code offers protection for your inventory without adding page latency.

GeoEdge offers flexible integration options to provide the best fit for your business.

  • Page-level protection- our code can be implemented directly on the page or through Tag Manager. The in-page code covers all ad units on the page, even if the page elements are redesigned or reordered.
  • Creative wrapping– For platform protection, snippets of our code wrap around the creative when ads are served.
  • Ad server- GeoEdge offers server-side protection, supporting all ad servers.
  • GeoEdge offers our partners the choice to preemptively block unsafe unwanted, and non-compliant ads, or flag those ads for review.
  • When GeoEdge blocks a malicious ad, the ad unit is refreshed to fetch a new creative, ensuring revenue is not lost. If the new creative is also blocked, we provide fallback options, allowing you to call up any ad from your server.
  • We provide extensive reporting options, including our insights dashboard, daily incident reports via email, bi-weekly executive summary reports, and reporting API.
  • Malvertising Protection:
    • Pre-Click Issues– After bidding, as an ad renders on a publisher’s page, the code it runs may exploit users’ privacy and security. Malvertisers inject malicious code to serve ransomware or malware to collect users’ private information or traffic hijacking by automatically redirecting users to malicious landing pages.
    • Deceptive Sites- Cyber attackers find it easier to run their malicious schemes on their own landing pages. Using clickbait ads with deceptive or fake messaging, malvertisers lure users to phishing scams to collect credit card details and additional personal information.
    • Post-Click Scams- Users are exposed to a myriad of threats after clicking on an ad. Threats include cloaked landing pages running phishing scams, fake tech support scams luring users to install PC cleaners, fake antivirus software, and PDF converters that monitor and log user activity on and offline.

    Ad Quality Control:

    • Explicit and Offensive Ads-Explicit and offensive content can appear on the creative’s image, text, or on the content of the landing page to which the ad leads. Publishers across verticals and geolocations differ as to what they consider an offensive ad. Unlike third party vendors, publishers know their content parameters, and can easily identify when an offensive ad is presented to their users.
    • Off-Brand and Inappropriate Ad Content– Laws, industry regulations, and even publishers’ values comprise a very specific list of content filtering rules. Filtered categories may include gambling, alcohol and tobacco, as well as competitors’ domains and products. This list should be fine tuned into very specific definitions that can go all the way to the distinct creative level.
    • Low-quality User Experience– In addition to content issues, ads can also harm the user experience on-site. Creatives with pop-ups, auto-play audio, and a poor landing page experience impact the way users perceive a publisher’s brand.
  • Malvertising Protection:

    • When a scam is detected, traditional ad security solutions often block the entire channel, which in turn blocks many safe ads and advertisers. GeoEdge’s Pinpoint Detection goes a step further to identify the bad creatives associated with a scam. Only malicious ads are blocked, allowing the channel to stay active and continue serving clean ads.

    Ad Quality Control:

    • GeoEdge’s team of content reviewers backs up our automatic content classification system to minimize the chances of false classifications.

    What type of technology do we use for content detection and classification?

    Can we protect users across the globe?

  • GeoEdge’s proprietary content classification is fueled by optical character recognition (OCR) and image recognition technology which works to analyze and classify/categorize all ad and landing page content.
  • Data collected by OCR and Image recognition tech is fed into GeoEdge’s machine learning algorithms trained on data from 10+ years of monitoring digital campaigns.
  • These insights identify both malvertising, adult/offensive content and classify ad content.
  • GeoEdge’s detection engine has been trained on demand across the globe providing strong detection capabilities for your primary region. Our solution understands your traffic and the demand served to your audience.
  • Malvertising Protection:

    • Our team of security researchers are constantly hunting bad actors who attempt to conceal their activity and escape detection. To root out malicious actors, GeoEdge’s Detection Engine consists of multiple layers. Each layer identifies different aspects of the attackers’ activity, from cloaking detection mechanisms to extensive landing page analysis. While each layer performs as a stand-alone unit, our algorithms match data points across these layers to form our single forensic insight.

    Ad Quality Control:

    • GeoEdge specializes in detecting fake celebrity ads that promote counterfeit products or services that don’t exist. Our multi-layered detection engine utilizes behavioral and context analysis to proactively block such ads in real-time.
  • Malvertising Protection:

    • GeoEdge blocks or flags all security threats and automatically notifies the relevant demand to eliminate malicious behavior at the source.

    Ad Quality Control:

    • With GeoEdge, you can set blocking and detection rules based on domains, brands, creatives, keywords, and text strings. You can even overwrite the system’s decisions and approve specific creatives. 
    • GeoEdge’s real-time blocking supports multiple policy management. You can define and manage sets of specific filtering rules and conditions, and apply them to the needs and requirements of each audience you are addressing. You can apply different policies per site, sub-domain, and more. The entire UI and reporting system can be filtered to show data from any specific policy, or from all policies combined. 
  • When GeoEdge blocks a bad ad we refresh the ad unit to call a new ad so the revenue is not lost. In the rare case, the second ad is blocked, we call the fallback option.
  • GeoEdge replaces the blocked ads with pre-approved, quality ads (e.g., house or PSA ads) ensuring that users are not exposed to blank ad units.
  • Automatic reporting of demand sources responsible for security/quality threats helps your partners prevent bad ads from being served and blocked repeatedly.
  • Blocking bad ads on the client-side is just the first step in our quest to make the internet safer. GeoEdge’s Automated Demand Notifications automatically notifies your SSP’s and demand partners about bad ads blocked on your site to ensure bad ads are not served across your digital properties.
  • Dashboard reports of any potentially unsafe or unwanted ads.
  • High-level and “drill-down” views of all blocked or flagged incidents.
  • Comprehensive dashboard view of all ads on the site, to allow for human inspection.
  • Ability to efficiently send data on flagged inappropriate ads to demand partners so help them trace and isolate the source of bad ads.
  • Preview of the creatives with content vertical issues.
  • GeoEdge’s machine learning solution is trained on 10+ years of data that represents current ad security/quality threats across the entire ad ecosystem around the world. Additionally, our strength is rooted in our partnerships with major industry platforms, including a large share of Exchanges, DSPs and SSPs, to aggregate threat alerts and understand the behavior of the code
  • When GeoEdge blocks a scam, the attacker often pivots the attack through various vectors by changing domains or rewriting parts of their scripts. Occasionally, attackers launch new attacks by trying to slip below the radar. To detect new attacks at “Zero-Day,” we harness the power of AI. Our real-time algorithms identify ads that behave suspiciously and require further analysis. Suspicious ads are automatically blocked until investigated by an analyst.
  • Our product offering includes automated, real-time tools and the human touch, for the most comprehensive analysis and understanding of incoming ads.
  • Free up to 20M Impr/Month 1 Single Site
  • Enterprises enjoy flexible pricing models depending on your business’s needs.
Test drive GeoEdges solution free for 30-Days and gain the freedom to maximize your ad revenue without quality concerns.

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