Weekly Recap: Youtube, Uber & A Cookieless Future

Dramatic Changes For YouTube Advertising  

YouTube will potentially allow creators to sell ad space on their own videos. YouTube has taken the first step and created a pilot program of partner-sold ads– much like what NBC has been granted since 2010.

“We’re experimenting with a new way for creators to sell advertising to brands with whom they already have a relationship,” said Tom Leung, YouTube’s director of product management.


Uber Advertising Goes Programmatic

Uber has partnered with Adomni, creating OOH bringing geotargeted content to car top displays.

OOH promises 180M+ monthly impressions, providing ad content day-parting, multi-touch advertising and performance reports. Advertisers will have to manually buy their ad-space directly from Uber OOH, but come summer the company will introduce programmatic advertising.

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The Apocalyptic Post-Cookie World

The death of browser tracking cookies has signified the start of a new era for publishers. How will publishers collect first-party data? Well – Have no fear, the email newsletter is here?

Newsletters offer multiple revenue streams as well as precious first-party registration data. With the death of cookies, opt-in topical newsletters provide contextual targeting rather than audience targeting. Unfortunately, users can’t have their cookies and eat them too!


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