Weekly Recap: Revisiting Programmatic Strategies, Global App Market Update & Fake Ads

Revisiting Programmatic Strategies 


Over the course of the last month, Internet browsing has surged, yet publishers are finding it quite difficult to monetize this traffic. Unfortunately, programmatic strategies that worked before the COVOID19 era may be failing now. To help mitigate the risk, publishers should address the health of their programmatic setup.


Effective steps include; revisiting your floor strategy, synergizing floors across integrations, and checking ad server prioritization.


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Global App Market Update: Usage & CPM


The global in-app ad market has been changing in unprecedented ways over the last few weeks. Two significant trends have been noted.


1.Usage: Game traffic is up. Way up.


2. CPM: Overall, rates are down


Despite rates being down, game developers still see an uptick in revenue because of the increased usage – their overall earnings. Unfortunately, non-game apps are facing a harsh reality- flat usage following down rates are killing revenue. 


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Fake Ads Still Standing


Since the outbreak started, misinformation regarding COVOD-19 has run rampant across the web.


Cybercriminals and scammers are using the coronavirus to profit by tapping into their fears and promoting hard-to-find resources like masks, respirators, and hand sanitizers


Despite efforts to curtail the spread of misinformation, videos and ads have been spotted on YouTube and Google, raising questions about their ability to moderate their platforms amid the influx of misinformation online. 


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Alisha is a Technology Writer and Marketing Manager at GeoEdge. Her writing focuses on current events in the AdTech ecosystem and cyberattacks served through the digital advertising supply chain. You can find Alisha on LinkedIn to discuss brand building and happenings in AdTech.

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