Publisher’s: Ads You Can & Cannot Run On Chrome

As you are likely aware, GeoEdge has worked tirelessly to ensure that websites remain not only safe for publishers and their users, but free of annoying ads that corrode the user experience and the trust that publishers work so hard to build with their audiences.

Starting from February 15, Google has engaged in a major act of internet-wide housekeeping by imposing standards on ads that can be displayed in their Chrome browser. We’re pleased to see broader moves towards these principles across the internet and we’ve accordingly written a short guide that will help you navigate the new standards to make sure that better ads don’t mean less revenue.

The importance of complying with these rules goes beyond avoiding penalties exacted by Google; following advertising best practices ensures not only that websites remain active under Chrome’s new policies, but that your website visitors will have a rewarding experience and continue to visit your site(s).

We’re passionate about helping you improve user experience and we encourage you to contact us for any advice you may need.

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