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A loss of control characterizes the current state of programmatic advertising. As users become increasingly sensitive to off-topic content, misleading information, and bad experience, digital publishers invest heavily in making their websites appealing and user-friendly. The paradox is that ads, which comprise 20%-30% of on-site content and user experience, are increasingly harder for publishers to control. Publishers’ efforts to control ad content go to waste in the absence of effective tools that would translate their values into bullet-proof content filtering policies. This directly impacts the way users perceive a publisher’s brand and a site’s credibility. GeoEdge’s Real-Time Bad Ad Blocking solution offers more than technology. We eliminate the root of the problem.


Rely on AI-powered models to check each ad and ensures high ad quality. Automatically blocks all bad ads and replaces unwanted ads with safe ads.


Defend against malvertising, whether injected through the creative or the landing page.

User Experience

Filter out low-quality ads that harm the user experience. Eliminates pop-ups, auto-audio, landing page alerts, and more.

Content Management

Manage ad content with proprietary content classification for creatives and landing pages with GeoEdge’s ad review center and customized lists.

Complete Threat Map Protection

Explicit and Offensive Ads

Explicit and offensive content can appear on the creative’s image, text, or on the content of the landing page to which the ad leads. Publishers across verticals and geolocations differ as to what they consider an offensive ad. Unlike third party vendors, publishers know their content parameters, and can easily identify when an offensive ad is presented to their users.

Off-Brand and Inappropriate Ad Content

Laws, industry regulations, and even publishers’ values comprise a very specific list of content filtering rules. Filtered categories may include gambling, alcohol and tobacco, as well as competitors’ domains and products. This list should be fine tuned into very specific definitions that can go all the way to the distinct creative level.

Low-Quality User Experience

In addition to content issues, ads can also harm the user experience on site. Creatives with pop-ups, auto-play audio, and a poor landing page experience impact the way users perceive a publisher’s brand.



Proprietary Content Classification System

Publishers rely on their ad server to filter ad content categories. Ad servers look for a campaign’s category as it was designated by the advertiser. To pass through filtering, advertisers change their campaigns’ categories rendering publishers’ efforts useless. GeoEdge’s Proprietary Content Classification System uses image recognition and text analysis on creatives as well as on landing pages. This capability is powered by machine learning algorithms trained on over 10 years of data, as well as a team of human content reviewers who verify the machine’s decision.

Utilizing GeoEdge’s Content Classification System, publishers filter offensive ads in real-time in categories such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco, weight loss, and more. These ads get blocked regardless of which category they were declared as by advertisers.

Deceptive and Fake Offering Detection

Fake offers and misleading campaigns are among publishers’ main concerns. Users are becoming more savvy and are concerned about their privacy and online security. Deceptive ads directly impact the way they perceive a publisher’s brand and integrity. GeoEdge specializes in detecting fake celebrity ads that promote fake products or services that don’t exist. Our multi-layered detection engine utilizes behavioral and context analysis to proactively block such ads in real time.

While on site, a user’s experience is holistic in that they don’t differentiate ads from actual website content. Being misled by a fake offer on a publisher’s site can damage the user’s perception of a publisher’s brand. Our clients trust us to protect their brand and integrity.

Set Your Own Rules, Define Your Own Blocking Conditions

While our system comes with a set of predefined content verticals that most publishers wish to control, each publisher has their own definitions, terms, and conditions as to what should and should not be presented to their audience. With GeoEdge, you can set blocking and detection rules based on domains, brands, creatives, keywords, and text strings. You can even overwrite the system’s decisions and approve specific creatives. You are in complete control..

Our policy customization tools enable publishers to granularly control ad content, assuring compliance with country laws as well as industry standards, ban competitors from their sites, and align ad content with their brand values.

AdWatch: Your Ad Review Center

GeoEdge’s AdWatch is a first-to-market Ad Review Center designed to help publishers see and control which brands and ads are served on their site at any given moment. Once a creative or brand is flagged by a publisher, it will be blocked across all demand sources and all of the creative’s sizes and shapes.

AdWatch takes your ad content control to the next level. You can allocate unwanted creatives and set effective rules to filter them out with a single click. No more looking for a needle in a haystack.

Multiple Policies

GeoEdge’s real-time blocking supports multiple policy management. You can define and manage sets of specific filtering rules and conditions, and apply them to the needs and requirements of each audience you are addressing. You can apply different policies per site, sub-domain, and more. The entire UI and reporting system can be filtered to show data from any specific policy, or from all policies combined.

As a publisher with multiple sites targeting different audiences (by gender, nationality, age, and more) you can set,manage, and review multiple blocking rules and policies.


We believe it’s not enough to have a powerful detection engine and a vast network of publishers and platforms. You need a partner you can trust who will have your back even when things go south. GeoEdge assigns our partners a dedicated success manager who will proactively make sure you’re getting the most out of your account. We pledge to provide the best protection and data for you, as well as for your team and your users.