MediaMath Takes User Protection to the Next Level by Partnering With GeoEdge

MediaMath takes user protection to the next level by partnering with GeoEdge – assuring a clean, safe and engaging experience for consumers

Consumers are inundated with content now more than ever. The content that reaches customers is filled with malicious and inappropriate content. By preventing these types of ads, MediaMath provides full protection to its partners and their end-users.

Online users are exposed to a wide array of dangerous content that is spread through online advertising. To protect their brand image, publishers are required to safeguard their users against these online risks – including various scams, misinformation-type content and ads of poor quality, which impact the overall users’ experience.

Global Ad Security provider, GeoEdge, is working with MediaMath in its effort to assure its delivering partner’s brand safety while protecting consumers and maintaining a clean ad ecosystem. MediaMath has made a strong commitment to the ad ecosystem via its SOURCE vision, and the partnership with GeoEdge enhances the transparency initiative from the buy-side perspective.

Online advertising and its lack of transparency are a gateway to many fraudulent and malicious activities. This may include nuisances that have a negative impact on the users’ experience, such as low-quality ads that share misinformation or inappropriate content. Malvertising directly impacts the end-user by exposing them to vulnerability to exploitation via phishing, device hijacking, and other malicious activities that can put their data and device at risk. Malvertising is one of the primary vectors for introducing ad fraud into the ecosystem, therefore protecting against malvertising, MediaMath and GeoEdge are helping to close the loop on bad actor behavior for both sellers and buyers while ensuring that the individual user is safe.

“The ad security landscape constantly evolves, introducing new cyber security risks which require new and innovative solutions. Our strong partnership with MediaMath built on trust and a deep understanding of their ecosystem has enabled us to create a new standard for user protection,” said Amnon Siev, CEO, GeoEdge.

GeoEdge enables MediaMath to gain control of all ads served via its platform and prevents malicious or bad ads from reaching MediaMath’s publishers and supply partners. With GeoEdge’s robust security solution, based on machine learning, broad market coverage, and years of experience – MediaMath can deliver its partners the highest ad security and quality solutions.

“As consumers continue to consume more content, brands are challenged to ensure the content they are providing is transparent, premium and engaging,” said Anudit Vikram, Chief Product Officer, MediaMath. “At MediaMath we’re committed to ensuring a clean and transparent ecosystem through our SOURCE initiative. Partnering with GeoEdge to deliver brand-safe content improves our ability to provide premium content for our partners and customers and we look forward to further maximizing the ROI of our customers’ advertising spends.”

By ensuring the quality and security-related concerns, MediaMath’s partners can focus on their business–knowing their audience and brand are in good hands.  “GeoEdge’s unique holistic Ad Quality solution, provides MediaMath’s business partners full protection at the highest level of security in the industry,” said GeoEdge’s CEO, Amnon Siev.

With its commitment to ad quality, MediaMath is a pioneer in the evolving advertising ecosystem. Through its partnership with GeoEdge, MediaMath can assure a transparent and safe online environment. This includes both a Malvertising free online ecosystem and an additional layer of ad content measures that eliminates problematic ad creatives that may create challenges for exchanges, publishers, and their audience of users.


About GeoEdge:

GeoEdge’s mission is to protect the integrity of the digital advertising ecosystem and to preserve a quality experience for users. GeoEdge’s advanced security solutions ensure high ad quality and verify that sites offer a clean, safe and engaging user experience, so publishers can focus on their business success.

Publishers around the world rely on GeoEdge to stop malicious and low-quality ads from reaching their audience. GeoEdge allows publishers to maximize their ad revenue without quality concerns, protect their brand reputation and increase their user loyalty.

GeoEdge guards digital businesses against unwanted, malicious, offensive and inappropriate ads – without sacrificing revenue.

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About MediaMath

MediaMath helps the world’s top brands deliver personalized digital advertising across all connected touchpoints. Over 9,500 marketers in 42 countries use our demand-side platform every day to launch, analyze, and optimize their digital advertising campaigns across display, native, mobile, video, audio, digital out of home, and advanced TV formats. Founded in 2007 as a pioneer in “programmatic” advertising, MediaMath is recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech and has won Best Account Support by a Technology Company for two years in a row in the AdExchanger Awards.

MediaMath initiated an industry-wide effort to create a 100% accountable, addressable and aligned supply chain through the SOURCE ecosystem. SOURCE by MediaMath is a technical and commercial framework for agencies, brands, tech companies, and content owners designed to provide long-term sustainable solutions for a clean digital media supply chain with brand-safe, viewable inventory. MediaMath has offices in 15 cities worldwide and is headquartered in New York City.


Alisha is a Technology Writer and Marketing Manager at GeoEdge. Her writing focuses on current events in the AdTech ecosystem and cyberattacks served through the digital advertising supply chain. You can find Alisha on LinkedIn to discuss brand building and happenings in AdTech.

Malvertising, the practice of sprinkling malicious code into legitimate-looking ads is growing more sophisticated. GeoEdge’s holistic ad quality solution has you covered.


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