How the Iron Dome Inspired Real-Time Blocking for Publishers

How do you calculate risk?
Risk = Threat x Vulnerability x Consequence?
Better yet- Which security solution will provide victory over attackers and guarantee you peace of mind?
Modeled after Israel’s Iron Dome, GeoEdge’s real-time blocking solution calculates risk and shields users from harm, day and night.

Despite its name, the system is not actually a dome but a mobile defense system which detects and intercepts incoming missiles.

The Iron Dome is much more than a science fiction fantasy. It’s practically an icon, a symbol of technological genius.

The military wonder showcases how Israeli technological creativity can eliminate a threat by using one missile to knock another right out of the sky.


Israel’s groundbreaking protective technology inspired GeoEdge to create a similar tool for the online and mobile advertising ecosystem.

The real-time blocking solution was inspired by the Iron Domes detection and interception capabilities.

Operational day and night, GeoEdge monitors your ad inventory 24/7 to detect and block any malicious activity and quality issues in real-time, long before any damage can occur.


Like Israel’s multitiered defense system, GeoEgdes solutions defend against cyber-attacks, malicious ads, auto redirects, and offensive ads.

As global cybercriminals never tire, the threat can never be totally eliminated.


No one understands cybersecurity challenges in the digital advertising industry better than GeoEdge.

Now, more than ever, publishers are under attack by actors taking advantage of the lower cost of buying into the ad ecosystem.


GeoEdge is happy to provide a free version of our real-time blocking solution for publishers.

GeoEdge allows publishers to maximize their ad revenue by keeping users on-site, engaged and loyal over time.

1) Monitors and checks every single impression.

2) Prevents malicious ads from having any impact on visitors.

3) Eliminates time spent on handling ad security threats.


What’s Included In the Package

Real-Time Blocking

User Security Protection

Dedicated Success Manager

Single Site Monitoring Up to 20M Monthly Impressions.

Publisher with over 20M monthly impressions?

Want to maximize revenue and protect user experience?

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Alisha is a Technology Writer and Marketing Manager at GeoEdge. Her writing focuses on current events in the AdTech ecosystem and cyberattacks served through the digital advertising supply chain. You can find Alisha on LinkedIn to discuss brand building and happenings in AdTech.

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