How Publishers Block Pornographic Ads Efficiently

Offensive ads are poisoning user experience. What’s the antidote?
GeoEdge provides the only tool on the market to identify and block sexually explicit or pornographic content in real time.


Openly Offensive

Working from a coffee shop sounds charming, sipping a perfectly brewed coffee and browsing the web doesn’t sound too bad!

Until a pornographic ad takes over your screen and begins to blast audio. The ad covers your screen and refuses to budge as you scramble to chase the X and shut down the ad.

Nearly everyone with a computer has been in the awkward situation of having an inappropriate ad pop up in public or the office.

More importantly, explicit ads don’t discriminate. Even an innocent child may come face to face with explicit adult dating site pop ups.

Whether at home, the office, or a public space, sexually explicit ads are never welcome.


Destroying the User Experience

Pornographic ads are becoming more pervasive and more difficult to shut down.

Effectively destroying user experience.

For publishers, running explicit ads risks deeply offending and alienating audiences.

Repeated exposure to pornographic ads on a publisher’s site runs the risk of reputational destruction. A publisher’s passivity to the issue creates the general perception of carelessness, at the expense of their integrity.


In partnership with Digiday, GeoEdge surveyed 100 publishers to discover how publishers are affected by the way ads are bought and delivered in the programmatic era, particularly malicious, offensive and poor quality advertising


No Second Chances

Currently, we are living in the era of internet ‘cancel culture’ and online call-outs.

Therefore, cancellations over just one incident are ordinary business as usual. In fact, publishers are one mishap away from a viral boycott– heightening the risk of serving explicit ads.

Publishers are now looking towards brand safety vendors using machine learning tools to improve monitoring and blocking.

Digiday digs deeper to understand how sites and apps can contend with damaging ad adjacencies.


Block Pornographic Ads 

Specifically, one of the primary issues surrounding blocking is that offense is a subjective concept.  What some users find offensive within one demographic will vary wildly, as it does from individual to individual.

Despite global norms and differences- a universal framework of undeniably sexually explicit content thankfully exists. GeoEdge offers publishers more control, to protect against the devastating effects of digital publisher boycotts.


The Solution

Now more than ever, the current climate calls for publishers to protect their brand and users with an ad blocking tool.

GeoEdge’s advanced detection feature is the only tool of its kind, with the ability to block sexually explicit content in real time.

Armed with the latest advanced tech tools GeoEdge has mastered the art of detection, blocking ads that contain sexually explicit content on both the creative level and campaign landing page.


Block pornographic ads efficiently.

To stop sexually explicit ads from infiltrating your site, get in touch with GeoEdge, your ad quality partner!


Alisha is a Technology Writer and Marketing Manager at GeoEdge. Her writing focuses on current events in the AdTech ecosystem and cyberattacks served through the digital advertising supply chain. You can find Alisha on LinkedIn to discuss brand building and happenings in AdTech.

Malvertising, the practice of sprinkling malicious code into legitimate-looking ads is growing more sophisticated. GeoEdge’s holistic ad quality solution has you covered.


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