Real-Time Ad Security and Quality for Mobile In-App Environments

Once again, we’ve got another big announcement that’s going to change the game when it comes to protecting your audience from sexually-offensive and malicious ads.
We are excited to be the first and only ad security solution to tackle the complex challenge of protecting users in-app!

To address the growing challenges of malicious and sexually-offensive in-app ads, GeoEdge, the premier provider of ad security and verification solutions for the digital advertising ecosystem, released today its solution for in-app real-time blocking of malicious and inappropriate ads.

This SDK is the digital marketplace’s first available innovation for blocking bad ads in real-time within the in-app environment.

The Shift 

As eyeballs shift from desktop to mobile, so does programmatic ad spending.

In 2018, eMarketer projected two-thirds of total programmatic spend will go toward mobile by 2020, and by the same time, nearly 90% of all mobile display ads will be bought and sold through programmatic channels.

Within mobile specifically, programmatic spending is growing more quickly for in-app than for the mobile web.

This trend raises the stakes for publishers and ad platforms to provide their users with the same protection and security on mobile that they can provide on desktop.

The digital industry has already seen advances like header bidding and Ads.txt expand into mobile environments. However, up until now, security and ad quality in mobile have lagged behind the standards that have become customary on desktop.


GeoEdge brings mobile security and quality up to speed!


Using the same proprietary, patent pending technology that powers GeoEdge’s widely adopted solutions for the broader web, it detects security issues, inappropriate ad creative, and user experience issues at the pre-impression level delivered by any of the major mediator SDKs.

The tool blocks the bad ad before it renders, and replaces it with an alternate ad already verified as safe and appropriate.

This allows publishers to protect their users without losing the revenue they rely on for the future of their business.

GeoEdge technology identifies issues ranging from redirects, drive-by downloads, viruses, and malicious files; to adult content, pop-ups, and device vibrations.

GeoEdge is unique among ad security and quality vendors in its ability to identify and block inappropriate ad creative, rather than security risks alone, in real time.


Preserving Integrity

Poor-quality ads increase a site’s bounce rate and lead to churn among publisher’s users.

By preserving the integrity of the in-app ad experience, publishers can more easily nurture their audiences by providing them with quality, relevant content.

Trusted and safe in-app environments promote loyalty, increase the lifetime value of the user, and drive greater overall revenue for the publisher.


The SDK Solution 

GeoEdge presents developers with a mobile SDK that they can integrate directly into the app.

It provides, via a web-based console, full reports on all activity the technology observes in the app environment.

It also provides a BI view of data that can be visualized at the demand-source level.


This SDK solution is the logical next step in GeoEdge’s long-standing mission to preserve user experience, and to allow publishers to combat bad ads proactively.

“By offering a Mediation SDK integrated with Real-Time Blocking, GeoEdge is taming mobile malicious and offensive ads and content by replacing the offending ads and content with safe ones, ensuring the revenue stream for app developers and a safe experience for users.”


GeoEdge enables the supply side to focus on publishing!

The company handles malicious and unsafe advertising so that publishers, app developers, and supply-side clients can focus on optimizing their advertiser campaigns and provide better and more effective relations with their clients in the time saved.

GeoEdge enabled clients to find a 95-98% reduction in complaints through the elimination of offensive and malicious ads and gain full transparency and visibility of their entire ad inventory beyond the blocked malicious ads enabling better management of each partner’s brand safety needs.

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Malvertising, the practice of sprinkling malicious code into legitimate-looking ads is growing more sophisticated. GeoEdge’s holistic ad quality solution has you covered.


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