GeoEdge and Yieldbird Integration To Benefit Publishers and Their Audiences

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2022– GeoEdge global provider of holistic ad quality and malvertising solutions, today announced a new technical integration with Yieldbird a leading header bidding platform.

Since the adoption of programmatic advertising, publishers must often choose between higher yield and better user experience. Monetizing programmatic channels with efficiency, transparency, and control is an ongoing challenge faced by publishers. The integration between GeoEdge and Yieldbird provides transparency and control over advertising revenue, while keeping publishers in the drivers seat, and their users safe. 

GeoEdge’s mission is to protect the integrity of the digital advertising ecosystem, providing publishers with extensive multi-layer security detection, covering malvertising threats, as well as control over unwanted content verticals and brands. Yieldbird specializes in advertising management and ad inventory optimization, helping publishers implement diverse programmatic strategies to maximize revenue

Yieldbird oversees all aspects of yield optimization, of which ad quality plays a crucial part. Publishers must improve user experience to extend users’ lifetime value. As the leading ad quality provider, GeoEdge was the natural choice for integration with Yieldbird. Yieldbird’s publisher partners can easily implement GeoEdge, ensuring that their yield is optimized while providing enhanced user experience and protection. 

As Tali Bakshi, CCO at GeoEdge shared, “User security and user experience must go hand in hand for publishers to build a sustainable advertising business. Eliminating malicious and unwanted ad content is essential to publisher efficiency, improved user experience, and profitability.” 

Marcin Hajduk, Strategy Manager at Yieldbird elaborated, “Our goal is to ensure that publishers have all the solutions and technologies necessary for efficient monetization. GeoEdge perfectly fits into that need in terms of technology for bad ad protection.”

About GeoEdge

GeoEdge’s mission is to protect the integrity of the digital advertising ecosystem and to preserve a quality experience for users. GeoEdge’s advanced security solutions ensure high ad quality and verify that sites offer a clean, safe and engaging user experience, so publishers can focus on their business success.

Publishers around the world rely on GeoEdge to stop malicious and low-quality ads from reaching their audience. GeoEdge allows publishers to maximize their ad revenue without quality concerns, protect their brand reputation and increase their user loyalty. GeoEdge guards digital businesses against unwanted, malicious, offensive and inappropriate ads – without sacrificing revenue.

About Yieldbird

Yieldbird is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that helps Publishers grow their programmatic business with 5 proprietary products, all aimed at optimizing Publishers’ efficiency and profitability.

As a leading provider of yield-optimization products and services, Yieldbird helps more than 300 publishers worldwide manage ads and increase revenue from programmatic advertising.

GeoEdge is the trusted cyber security and ad quality partner for publishers and platforms in the digital advertising industry. With more than a decade of experience, we’ve built solutions to prevent tomorrow’s threats, today.‎

Malvertising, the practice of sprinkling malicious code into legitimate-looking ads is growing more sophisticated. GeoEdge’s holistic ad quality solution has you covered.


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