GAIN (GeoEdge Ad Integrity Network) is a consortium of publishers and platforms that is solely focused on making the digital ecosystem safer, more secure, and more profitable for you.

As a hub, where publishers and platforms join together as peers, not as competitors – GAIN breaks down the silos that normally separates them. GAIN is a non-competitive, neutral environment. Participating companies share only information that affects the ecosystem at large.

As a community, GAIN members empower each other with insights that will save the untold hours necessary to search independently for the source of bad ads. And when advertisers know your inventory is backed up with insights of value, their trust in the market increases, and sodoes advertising spending.

Your Benefits

Maximize operational efficiency

Improve relationship with demand- and supply partners

Access to consolidated data about known, identified threats in the ecosystem.

Expedite mitigation of security and ad quality breaches

Help creatie a safer and cleaner industry

Become A GAIN Member

Help take the lead in this conversation that benefits us all. Join the GAIN community in identifying and rooting out the sources of bad ads before they become your problem.

GAIN Partnership